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Explore recordings from the 2022 ExamSoft Assessment Conference

EAC 2022 brought you inspiring insights from leaders in higher education and assessment and eye-opening experiences from fellow educators. Now, you can get full access to the keynote addresses, client-led presentations, and educational sessions from the live-online conference.

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You’ll Gain Access To:

1 eac keynote


Best-selling author and consultant, Jay McTighe shares his ideas for curricular development in higher ed, and ExamSoft Director of Education and Assessment, Dr. Divya Bheda provides a framework to drive equity in education.

2 eac presentations


ExamSoft users share their expertise and unique approaches to the assessment process. Sessions cover topics including edtech adoption, data and reporting, student remediation, and exam day prep.

4 eac networking


Education leaders provide an inside look at the accreditation process, share tips for transitioning to a competency-based education model, and introduce frameworks for Universal Design for Learning (UDL).