Clinical Judgment Exams Retention & Readiness

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Readying Nursing Students for the NCLEX® Exam

Created by NurseThink®, the leading experts in nursing education and powered exclusively by ExamSoft, Clinical Judgment Exams – Retention & Readiness provides pre-written, high-quality assessments for nursing programs nationwide. Now nursing programs have the support to teach students the necessary learning outcomes to become safe clinicians, with timely performance feedback that allows them to reach graduation, pass the NCLEX exam, and launch successful careers.

Clinical Judgment Exams assessment content also includes new question types that will appear on the Next Generation NCLEX. With ExamSoft and CJE, you can prepare your students now for the new exam format that begins in 2023.

Two Ways to Start Using Clinical Judgment Exams

Benchmarked Assessment

Take advantage of pre-written assessments that accurately gauge student learning and competency. Category-based reporting at the program level and student level will measure students’ true mastery of concepts against a national cohort of nursing students.

Build-Your-Own Question Bank

Each content area of Clinical Judgment Exam’s pre-written assessments includes material that instructors may use to supplement their own exam questions in order to help improve assessment and instruction.

Clinical Judgment Exam Solutions

All content from Clinical Judgment Exams is categorized in accordance with NCLEX and QSEN, so every student performance report highlights specific individual strengths and weaknesses.


The Core Solution covers seven distinct subjects, each including three expert-written assessments: Benchmark I, Benchmark II, and Open Check.


The Comprehensive Solution provides all the content in the core solution and includes an additional seven subjects. Each subject will be assessed via Benchmark I, Benchmark II, and Open Check assessments.

Each subject includes a build-your-own question bank with 60+ items that mirror the quality of the benchmarked assessments to supplement instructor-authored content.

Robust Content for Target Remediation

  • All content is categorized in accordance with NCLEX and QSEN standards, so every individual student performance report highlights specific strengths and weaknesses.
  • Every question includes rationale to help provide detailed guidance for remediation strategies to improve student success.

Client-Focused Service by ExamSoft

  • ExamSoft works with clients to ensure a consistent exam experience that preserves benchmark validity and protects the security of all exam questions.
  • Benchmarked assessments are coordinated and scheduled by ExamSoft on behalf of clients, defining the assessment settings and providing faculty and students with the information they need to proctor and complete the assessment.

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