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S3E8: Bringing the Big Ideas Back Home

In this episode, Dr. Divya Bheda recaps the highlights of this season’s seven episodes, touching on common themes. Dr. Bheda shares her own reflections, along with suggested next steps so that you can bring these big ...


Pedagogo S3E7: Living Our Values and Bringing Our Humanity to Our Work

Dr. Bheda talks with Libby Smith, an organizational healing facilitator and program director of M.S. Applied Psychology at University of Wisconsin-Stout, about mindset changes and daily actions that we can adopt to ta...


Pedagogo S3E6: Restorative Justice and Academic Integrity

Dr. Divya Bheda is joined by Dr. James Earl Orr Jr., a senior higher education administrator who currently serves on the Board of Directors for the International Center for Academic Integrity. Dr. Orr discusses the pr...


Pedagogo S3E5: Exploring New Pathways for Student Success

In this episode, Dr. Bheda is joined by Dr. Amber Garrison Duncan of Lumina Foundation*, which seeks to expand the share of Americans who have a post-secondary education, training, and certification. They discuss the ...


Pedagogo S3E4: Accelerating and Personalizing Learning Through Competency-Based Education

In competency-based education, the focus is on the mastery of knowledge and skills and the rigorous assessment of those competencies. Advancement is not based on the number of weeks in a classroom or the number of cre...


Pedagogo S3E3: Examining the Intersections of Assessment and Equity

Dr. Gianina Baker, acting director of the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA), joins Dr. Divya Bheda for an in-depth conversation that covers equity and assessment, rubrics, and some “promising...


Pedagogo S3E2: Using Democratic Education Principles to Co-Create Inclusive Classrooms

At the turn of the 21st century, Art Pearl and Tony Knight published a trailblazing volume, The Democratic Classroom: Theory to Inform Practice. In this episode, two of Dr. Pearl’s former students discuss his in...


Pedagogo S3E1: Effectively Managing Change

With the challenges posed by COVID-19, the many socio-economic issues that are impacting education, and the advent of technology as an essential element of education, managing change has become increasingly important....


Pedagogo S2-E6 Realizing the Value of Comprehensive Assessment

In our final episode of the season, we talk assessment. How do we determine what students really know about what they know? Join Dr. Allison Case and guest Dr. Natasha Jankowski, Executive Director of the National Ins...


Pedagogo S2-E5 Finding Empowerment Through Resilient Leadership

What is enablement-minded leadership? How can programs and institutions resist the stigma attached to being promoted to leadership roles and prepare faculty for future success from day one? Join Dr. Allison Case and g...


Pedagogo S2-E4 Inclusive Assessment: Find Out What You Might Be Missing

Have you ever given an assessment that was not about content? While content may still be king, it is not in the castle alone. Join Dr. Allison Case and her guest, Dr. Christina Paguyo, Director of Academic Assessment ...


Pedagogo S2-E3 Trauma-Informed Pedagogy: The Role of Assessment in Deep Insights and Learning

There’s little doubt as to the value assessment can bring to the classroom. But what if we are underutilizing assessments and under-appreciating the areas where they can lead to insights? Tune in today to hear Dr. Val...


Pedagogo S2-E2 Sustainable Virtual Classrooms

While it’s clear no one was a fan of the rapid transition to online learning in Spring 2020, do you know what distinguishes sustainable, enjoyable remote learning from Spring’s emergency remote teaching? Join Dr. Alli...


Pedagogo S2-E1 The Importance of Attunement in Our Assessments and Classrooms

With Fall 2020 beginning mid-pandemic, both online and on ground, mid-protest, and mid-election cycle, it’s more important now than ever to invite culture to inform our pedagogy, but doing it “right”...


Pedagogo Season 2 Prologue

Pedagogo is back! Welcome to Season 2 of Pedagogo, the podcast on all things higher ed. We’re back talking with faculty, thought leaders, and subject matter experts about the latest and greatest trending topics ...


Pedagogo S1-E7 Putting Proctoring to the Test

This bonus episode of Pedagogo Season 1 features a conversation about remote proctoring best practices with return guest Mark Spitzer, Associate Director of Client Solutions at ExamSoft. Dr. Allison Case begins by ask...


Pedagogo S1-E6 Privacy Policies in the Age of COVID-19

In the final episode of the Pedagogo Season 1, host Dr. Allison Case engages two new guests in discussion about the role of privacy in the ever-evolving landscape of education and how educators can use the break befor...


Pedagogo S1-E5 Part 2: Making the Academic Year Successful Part 2

In Episode 5 of the Pedagogo podcast, host Dr. Allison Case continues the conversation about planning for a successful Fall 2020 semester. The first guest, Dr. John Murray, Provost at Barry University in Miami, Florid...