Client Session

Share the Love: Training Faculty, TAs, and Students to Use ExamSoft and Examplify (Enterprise Portal)







Session Description

As ExamSoft grows in popularity at your institution, you’d probably prefer not to be the only expert in town. How do you grow your own field of expert ExamSoft users?

At the University of Illinois Chicago College of Pharmacy, we train our faculty and TAs to create, edit, proctor, and grade assessments in ExamSoft. We also instruct them on how to tag their questions so that they can use those tags to build better exams. Finally, we teach our new students at orientation and in the beginning of their first semester to use Examplify.

In this session we’ll share our rationale and our process for ExamSoft training, as well as discuss our successes and challenges.


mary sullivan kopale

Mary Sullivan Kopale, MA

Senior Instructional Designer, University of Illinois Chicago College of Pharmacy

rami abbas

Rami Abbas, BCS, MBA

Information Technology leader

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