Complete Assessment Software

One Core Platform
Two Simple Interfaces

ExamSoft is for faculty, staff, and administrators.

The ExamSoft portal enables educators to manage exam content and access valuable assessment data.

Upload exam items and tag by category, build formative and summative assessments, and generate performance reports, all from one central hub.

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Examplify is for students and exam-takers.

ExamSoft’s test-taking application, Examplify, delivers assessments to exam-taker devices.

Download the app to virtually any computer or tablet, administer exams using unique login credentials, and safeguard assessments with built-in security tools.

Discover All the Benefits of ExamSoft’s All-in-One Assessment Platform


Give learners a consistent assessment experience, whether delivering exams from home or in the classroom.

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Protect the integrity of formative and summative exams with offline assessment options, complete device control, and more.

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Data & Reporting

Monitor course, category, and student performance and identify gaps in the curriculum with powerful analytics tools.

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Retention & Remediation

Improve student outcomes with category-based reporting to identify areas of improvement and guide study habits.

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Save time where you need it most with one cohesive system for administering and grading exams; plus send immediate feedback to students.

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Tag exam items to accreditation criteria and generate detailed reports to demonstrate standard compliance.

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Experience the ExamSoft Platform

ExamSoft offers a full suite of flexible solutions to help educators promote excellence in education

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We Offer Additional Solutions
That Make ExamSoft Even More Useful

Formative Assessments & Student Engagement

Keep your students engaged and collect formative assessment data in real time to gain a better understanding of student learning.

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Exam Verification

Our two-step identity verification system eliminates exam-taker impersonation for both in-person, large-scale exams and remote exams.

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Advanced Remote Proctoring

Identify and deter academic dishonesty in classrooms and during remote exams without an in-person proctor or one-on-one invigilation.

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Subjective Assessments, Rubrics, and OSCE’s

Develop objective criteria for subjective assessments to improve scoring and feedback. Simplify administration and grading of OSCEs.

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Curriculum Mapping

Ensure all curricular topics are covered, prevent overlap, and streamline accreditation with a centralized curriculum planning tool.

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Exam Assessment Content Reserve

ExamSoft partners with other leading assessment providers to offer ready-made item banks and nationally benchmarked exam content.

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