Updated May 6, 2021


إخطار وطلب الموافقة بشأن جمع بيانات المقاييس الحيوية والبيانات الشخصية الأخرى


Your Institution has chosen ExamSoft Worldwide LLC to provide identity verification and proctoring services for your exam. This involves collection and use of certain Biometric Data to confirm your identity, and collection and use of video and audio recordings. While we will review your data as part of providing the services, only your Institution will make final determinations regarding identity verification and whether your behavior reflected in the recordings meets their requirements.

This notice and consent request explains what Biometric Data and certain other personal data we are asking for your permission to collect, how we will use it, and how long we will retain it. For the purpose of this notice, “Biometric Data” means a scan of your face geometry, along with information based on that scan that is used to authenticate your identity.

You are free to decline consent to provide Biometric Data and recordings to ExamSoft. However, your Institution may require you to consent to the collection of this data to take the exam using ExamSoft software. We do not have any control over your Institution’s applicable policy.

The ExamSoft software will prompt you to grant us permission to use your device’s camera and microphone to take your photo and to create an audio and video recording of you while taking your exam. The photo and the associated scan of your face are compared to other photos you provide us and scans of those photos.  For the video and audio proctoring services, an alert is displayed at the top of the screen during the exam to let you know that you are being recorded. The recordings are automatically analyzed to compare your activity during the exam against parameters established for the examination. For example, the analysis may detect patterns of behavior which might suggest that an exam-taker is viewing impermissible material or improperly communicating with another person. We use third party service providers to help provide the photo and recording analysis services, but they have no other rights to access or use your Biometric Data, recordings, or other personal data for other purposes.

We share all photos, scans, and recordings, as well as a list of potential anomalies, with your Institution, but we do not make any determinations about them. Your Institution will determine whether their requirements have been met.

We may use your Biometric Data, photos, the recordings, and other personal data to help us better understand how ExamSoft services perform. We may anonymize, aggregate and/or de-identify the Biometric Data, photos, recordings, or other personal data to use for legally permissible purposes, including, but not limited to, improving our software and services, research, product development, or to offer your Institution customized service suggestions.

We will retain your Biometric Data, photos, and the video and audio recordings for up to one year after your last interaction with the ExamSoft software with this Institution, or as otherwise required by law, after which we will delete the data. However, at any time your Institution may request that we delete your Biometric Data, photos, recordings, or other personal data, and we will do so as permitted by law. Please note that your Institution may maintain your Biometric Data, photos, or the video or audio recordings for a longer period, so if you have questions on your Institution’s data retention policies, please contact your Institution.

By checking the box below, you acknowledge that you have read this notice describing the type of Biometric Data, recordings, and photos collected, how that information is collected and used, and how long it is retained. You consent to these practices, and also consent to ExamSoft providing this data to your Institution or to ExamSoft’s third-party service providers as needed to provide the services. Please review our Privacy Policy at https://examsoft.com/privacy-policy for more information on our privacy practices.

[  ] I consent for ExamSoft to collect, use, retain, and share my Biometric Data, photos, and video and audio recordings as described above.