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Provide more targeted remediation, identify learning gaps, and help close the loop on accreditation with the most powerful data and analytics available to educators.

Clear, actionable data insights and easy-to-understand reports allow you to coordinate student performance with remediation efforts and measure course objectives against accreditation standards. By aligning these criteria, you can establish cause and effect to discover areas of improvement and identify any potential holes in the curriculum.

Whatever you need to learn from your assessment data, ExamSoft’s customizable reporting and analytics tools make it easy to find out. With a full suite of easy-to-use exam solutions, educators can drastically improve course, student, and category performance.

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Course Performance

Find out how an individual course, multiple courses, or even an entire department are performing with the Course Performance Report. Take a deep dive into course information by tracking assessment, assignment, or category performance within a specific course.

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Category Performance

By tagging assessment items to specific topics (“categories”), you can see exactly how different learning outcomes are performing within a course or throughout the curriculum as a whole. Set your own “at-risk” thresholds to flag categories that may need more attention in your curriculum.

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Student Performance

View which students are struggling with specific “at-risk” categories, which assessments contained those categories, and which specific questions each student found challenging. These insights allow you to create remediation plans for struggling students.

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Complete Reporting & Analytics Features to Support All Teaching and Institutional Objectives

  • Continuously Improve Programs

    • Easily spot trends and outliers across assessments, courses, and programs – from an entire assessment down to each individual question.
    • Identify any possible gaps in the curriculum and correct them quickly and easily.
    • Quickly identify and correct specific content areas that need improvement.
  • Close the Loop on Accreditation

    • Obtain tangible proof that your program is teaching the right things and that your students are retaining the information.
    • Simplify and streamline the accreditation process so your educators can spend more time instructing students.
    • Build your program to ensure accreditation from the very start by tagging every aspect of the curriculum to categories.
  • Positively Influence Student Performance

    • Provide proactive, targeted remediation to students based on performance in different areas.
    • Track student performance over time using longitudinal data.
    • Easily understand how your student cohorts are performing and tailor your courses to specific needs.
  • MarianUniversity

    “Administration and more advanced faculty can download more detailed data sets that can be manipulated in ways that best suit our needs. Whether that’s how a student navigates through an examination to help with test taking skills, or generation of longitudinal category reports for curriculum review.”*

    Wendy Labuzan, Coordinator of Examinations, Health Professions
    Marian University

    *ExamSoft provided no compensation for this statement, but this individual has previously received compensation for other work performed for ExamSoft.
  • UTAustin-2

    “We run longitudinal reports on a course before a comprehensive final to let students know areas of focus for their studies. Students appreciate this guide to help prioritize study time and ensure they are covering areas of weakness.”

    Ashley Castleberry, PharmD, Med Clinical Associate Professor
    UT Austin, College of Pharmacy

  • UniversityOfNebraskaMedicalCenter-1

    “The category feature in ExamSoft facilitates the collection of multiple points of data that are unique to each program. I can also aggregate that data in a meaningful way for longitudinal analysis and even gather data that we are interested in collecting across all programs.”*

    Sarah B. McBrien, PhD, Assistant Professor, Director of Curricular & Learning Assessment
    University of Nebraska Medical Center

    *ExamSoft provided no compensation for this statement, but this individual has previously received compensation for other work performed for ExamSoft.
  • es hsc universityofarkansas casestudy us 1122 1

    As pharmacy accreditation standards became more stringent, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences adopted ExamSoft to collect and analyze data on student outcomes. ExamSoft delivered on the data and much more. The insights ExamSoft provides are helping the faculty continuously improve instruction, exams, and student outcomes.

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  • es hsc mohammedbinrashiduniversity casestudy us 2022 1

    Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences in Dubai was looking for a tool that could give more advanced assessment reporting for its newly founded College of Medicine. Its LMS didn’t support question quality metrics the way it needed. ExamSoft provided the college with reporting, flexibility, and exam security.

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  • es hsc tuftsuniversity casestudy us 1122 1

    Evidence-based practice is highly valued within the dental profession, so Tufts University School of Dental Medicine brings the same research-based approach to its instruction through the use of psychometrics. ExamSoft assessments are reporting help the school design educational models and implement and evaluate their effectiveness

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