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The Secure, Reliable Assessment Platform for Higher Ed and Beyond

Exams aren’t limited to schools and universities. Many businesses, governments, and certifying bodies, among other types of organizations, also need a way to evaluate employee learning or administer certification exams.

ExamSoft provides unparalleled digital assessment solutions to public and private entities around the world, regardless of industry. We serve more than 2,100 programs in more than 35 countries—how can we help your organization?

Explore how ExamSoft can transform the way your university, institution, company, or program evaluates learning and delivers assessments.

Higher Education

Achieve better student outcomes with the platform that delivers unmatched exam security and data-driven insights for meaningful assessment in higher education. ExamSoft is ideal for various types of programs and schools, including:

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Certification & Licensure

Ensure accurate evaluation of learning and competency for certification and licensure exams with the most secure and reliable assessment platform.

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Deter and minimize academic dishonesty, save time and reduce teacher workload, and gain deeper insights into student learning with ExamSoft’s complete assessment solution. Prepare high school students for college with the same platform used by hundreds of colleges and university programs.

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