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webinar creatingnextgentestitems
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On-demand Webinar: Creating Next Gen NCLEX® Test Items

Dr. Tim Bristol of NurseThink® discusses how to promote NCLEX-readiness with your test items. NurseTim® shares tips, tools, and templates for building assessments that focus on clinical judgment using ExamSoft. Learn ...

webinar futureofassessment
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On-demand Webinar: Pandemic Insights to Shape a Better Future

Dr. Natasha Jankowski and Dr. Divya Bheda discuss findings from a recent survey of higher education faculty, staff, administrators, and students who shared their perspectives and advice about the future of assessment....

Certification and Licensure Event Exams: A Conversation With Experts - webinar
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On-demand Webinar: Certification and Licensure Event Exams – A Conversation With Experts

Event exams often define who enters various professional fields and who advances in them. These exams serve as gatekeepers to ensure candidates are truly competent in their ability to serve their communities as practi...

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EEC: Using ExamSoft Data to Evaluate Those Pesky “Select All That Apply” Questions

Literature supports the inclusion of multiple-response type questions to assess critical thinking and higher-level cognitive processing in nursing programs. Multiple-response type questions are often developed with fi...

NurseThink Webinar
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On-demand Webinar: Next Generation Testing with Clinical Judgment Exams

View the recording of the Clinical Judgment Exam webinar, a one-hour discussion with Dr. Tim Bristol (Nurse Tim) to gain an overview of methods for helping assess your students in clinical judgment. You’ll learn how N...

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Strategies for Student Success (EAC 2021)

This Pecha Kucha session was composed of three sub-sessions: Awakening Confidence in the Unconfident Student Learning is not a concrete process, but one of fluidity. For students that mentally self-speak the negative ...

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Processes and Strategies for Effective ExamSoft Use (EAC 2021)

This Pecha Kucha session consists of three sub-sessions: Legacy Jedi to Enterprise Noob: Top Tips for Those Who are Transitioning Between Platforms or New to Enterprise Swapping platform can be a big deal, but it is e...

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ExamSoft Data Benefits: Accreditation, Teaching and Learning, Student Success (EAC 2021)

This Pecha Kucha session consists of three sub-sessions: A Machine-Learning Approach to Predict NCLEX-RNA Outcomes: Harnessing the Power of ExamSoft First-time NCLEX-RN® pass rates remain the foremost measure of quali...

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Wednesday Debrief (EAC 2021)

Dr. Divya Bheda, director of Education and Assessment, and Kelly Crabb, Vice President of Global Sales, conduct a debrief of the first day of EAC 2021 and answer questions for participants.

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We Were Approved for ExamSoft! Now What? (EAC 2021)

Establishing an ExamSoft program within an institution can be a daunting experience. Learn how a large midwestern School of Nursing program with 800 students established their program in the Enterprise portal. The pre...

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Using Assessment Data to Improve Curriculum Mapping and Assessment Practices (EAC 2021)

Establishing a comprehensive curriculum map is a key component of creating a highly effective curriculum. Evaluating student performance based on each component of the curriculum map is an essential element of assessi...

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Thursday Debrief (EAC 2021)

Dr. Divya Bheda, director of Education and Assessment, and Tracy McShan, Director of Global Professional Services, conduct a debrief on the second day of EAC 2021 and answer participants’ questions.

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Teacher-Led Study and Testing Strategies Sessions to Enhance Student Success (EAC 2021)

Current teaching and evaluation strategies in nursing education focus on the nursing process, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and Bloom’s taxonomy, but a disconnect between learning and exam application still exists. Dis...

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Supporting Resilience Among #RealCollege Students in Today’s Digital Era (EAC 2021)

Britt Nichols, Senior Vice-President of ExamSoft, introduces EAC’s keynote speaker Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab, the Founding Director of the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice and Professor of Sociology a...

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Restorative Approaches to Academic Integrity Policy-Making (EAC 2021)

Restorative Justice and its principles and practices can add tremendous value to Academic Integrity policy-making and violation redressal processes and procedures. View this short session to learn more about the basic...

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Q&A Session with the Filmmaker of “Unlikely” (EAC 2021)

Dr. Divya Bheda, Director of Education and Assessment at ExamSoft, conducts a Q&A session with Jaye Fenderson, one of the filmmakers of Unlikely. A feature documentary from Three Frame Media, Unlikely investigates...

On-Demand Webinars

Q&A About the Exam Maker Community and Exam Taker Help Site (EAC 2021)

ExamSoft Product Community Manager Laurel Beason holds a Q&A with EAC 2021 attendees regarding the Exam Maker Community and Exam Taker Help Site.

On-Demand Webinars

Proctoring Ideas and Strategies (EAC 2021)

This Pecha Kucha session was composed of two sub-sessions regarding proctoring: The Remote Examination Experience of Student Pharmacists During the COVID-19 Pandemic The purpose of this study was to evaluate the remot...