Supporting Comprehensive Assessments in Education Programs

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Assessment Software for Practicing and Prospective Educators

ExamSoft is a complete digital assessment platform that supports a wide range of disciplines within the field of education. The platform is purposefully designed to manage and administer various types of assessments in education-related programs that require prospective educators to earn certification and licensure or for practitioners pursuing higher-level leadership roles.

ExamSoft’s Implementation and Training Team helps faculty and staff ramp up efficiently and effectively, so programs can start streamlining the career paths for those interested in various educational roles including teacher, principal, school administrator, counselor, and superintendent.

Supporting Education Practitioners and Prospective Educators

ExamSoft provides a full suite of capabilities for instructors and evaluators to teach, track, and assess specific learning and performance objectives, particularly in support of prospective educators and practitioners pursuing educational leadership roles.

  • Administration
  • Teaching Leadership
  • Principal & Superintendent Education
  • Special Education
  • Counseling & Development
  • English as a Second Language

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Certification and Licensure Made Easy

ExamSoft supports the rigorous process of certification and licensure, providing a full suite of digital assessment tools with customizable reporting features that help pave the way to career success. With ExamSoft, instructors and evaluators can utilize categories to tag exam questions to specific learning objectives in order to properly evaluate learning and competency.

  • Use customizable categories to monitor and assess specific learning outcomes
  • Gauge how well an individual understands required learning objectives and remediate as needed
  • Streamline subjective learning and performance activities
  • Minimize bias and evaluate individuals more consistently and accurately
  • Generate psychometric data to continuously evaluate and improve exam questions
  • Set specific “at-risk” categories for a holistic view of individual or cohort performance
  • Ensure prospective educators are prepared for certification and licensure exams

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