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Unmatched Security, Data  Reporting, and Ease of Use

ExamSoft helps higher education institutions of all sizes deliver secure, digital assessments. The resulting post-exam data is actionable, meaning it shows programs a variety of ways to improve student outcomes and increase retention, while also enabling instructors to adjust teaching strategies and address content gaps.

We serve all areas of higher ed, and specialize in several:

With ExamSoft, institutions have a comprehensive exam platform for delivering assessment in higher education more efficiently. Gain unprecedented insights into student learning and deter academic dishonesty with unparalleled exam security features.

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ExamSoft Saves Valuable Time for Educators

ExamSoft makes every step of the assessment process easier and more efficient for educators — from creating and administering exams to grading and providing timely, detailed feedback to students. Additionally, ExamSoft’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to implement and learn, so programs can start streamlining the exam process sooner.

  • Save time by easily importing all exam questions from a Word document
  • Choose from a variety of question types including multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, hot spot, and more
  • Instantly grade exams upon completion with customizable grading/scoring options
  • Test anywhere, at any time, and on multiple device types without compromising security

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Industry-Leading Security Features to Ensure Exam Integrity

ExamSoft’s advanced security features help protect against all forms of academic dishonesty, including exam-taker impersonation, question sharing, researching answers online, and other exam security concerns. This unmatched level of security ensures accurate assessment of student learning, enables secure large-scale and remote exams, and virtually eliminates time spent re-writing questions or entire exams due to integrity breaches.

  • ExamSoft’s testing application, Examplify, operates offline without the use of a WiFi connection
  • Added security features completely lock down the exam-taker’s device throughout the exam
  • Screenshot capabilities are blocked on any device to prevent the digital capture of test questions
  • All questions and answers can be automatically randomized to prevent memorizing and sharing of answers

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Advanced, Customizable Reporting to Guide Student Outcomes

ExamSoft’s intuitive reporting features allow educators to gain deeper insight into student learning than ever before. This data can be used to guide student remediation, evaluate whether exam questions are performing as intended, and make necessary adjustments to the curriculum. ExamSoft’s reporting tools make it easy to determine if exam material meets learning objectives and gauge knowledge retention for individual students.

  • Analyze detailed performance data at the student, course, or program level
  • Monitor all performance and create content-specific remediation strategies
  • Identify potential gaps in course content and make corrections as needed
  • Review exam results quickly and distribute feedback to participants faster

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