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Satisfy ABA Standards and Improve Bar Passage Rates

ExamSoft is the complete digital assessment platform that supports law schools nationwide in preparing the next generation of lawyers. This highly efficient, time-saving platform allows educators to generate reports that show whether the program is meeting ABA accreditation standards. By reviewing and understanding assessment data, law school faculty are set up for programmatic and student success. Law students using ExamSoft’s test-taking application, Examplify, are also better prepared for the Bar exam in part because the majority of U.S. Bars use the same software.

More than half of U.S. law schools use ExamSoft to help with areas such as improving student performance, increasing Bar passage rates, and streamlining accreditation reviews.

Start Gaining a Holistic View of All Student Performance with One Platform

ExamSoft has easy-to-use reporting features that help law educators see the full picture on student progress, knowledge, and success. It’s all included in one user-friendly platform.

  • Properly evaluate student learning including mastery of the content and application of the principles
  • Tag exam questions with customizable categories pertaining to legal education, program learning outcomes, and accreditation objectives
  • Create student-focused performance reports with detailed analysis
  • Design proactive remediation strategies and improve student retention
  • Provide evidence that all ABA accreditation standards are satisfied

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Secure Exams for Legal Education Programs

ExamSoft provides a secure testing platform for law schools looking to ensure exam integrity and maintain academic honesty. When students take exams on Examplify, their devices are completed locked and prevented from doing anything other than taking an exam. Legal educators can choose from a variety of built-in security features, such a preventing backward navigation and randomizing questions, or choose to implement additional exam integrity tools, such as remote proctoring.

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