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educationalist, educationist [noun] an expert
in methods of educating

Podcast [noun] ExamSoft’s podcast for educators
and assessment professionals

Pedagogo is a Spanish word derived from the Latin meaning “educator.” We, at ExamSoft, chose Pedagogo as the name of our podcast series in honor of educators who are life-long learners just as much as they are teachers. Every higher education professional—be it a staff member, an administrator, a faculty member, or an edtech professional—is committed to improving educational practice to serve students better and enable their learning and success. Our Pedagogo podcast is designed to be your companion on the go—to help you keep up with conversations, ideas, and trends in higher education in a way that is insightful, engaging, practical, and timely.

Pedagogo is for anyone and everyone in higher ed. It is your resource for exploring novel approaches to education processes, policies, and activities. You will find exciting ideas, opinions, thoughts, and experiences shared here to enhance and/or transform your thinking and practice. Pedagogo will arm you will the strategies, tools, and templates needed to catalyze student learning, equity, and success by exploring new ways you can positively impact curricula, teaching and learning, and assessment.

Join us and listen in as thought leaders in the education field keep you current and “edutained” in a way that is easy, practical, and relevant to you. We will bring you expert perspectives and explanations of core concepts that you can adopt, adapt, and implement in your own programs, courses, and institutional contexts. Everything covered in our podcast comes from subject matter experts, innovators, scholars, and professionals making a difference every day in the real world and they draw on literature, evidence-based research, and praxis. We hope you will join us and listen in!

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Season 4: Community and Connections for Equity and Success

Explore episodes from Pedagogo Season 4, featuring insightful conversations with thought leaders, subject matter experts, scholars, and professionals. You’ll learn strategies to build and sustain community in higher ed and how to foster student success through collaborative action and thoughtful leadership.

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