Objective Rubric-Based Grading Solution

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Simplified assignment grading and performance assessment

ExamSCORE (Student–Centered Objective Rubrics Evaluation) is an easy-to-use grading tool for rubric-based assignments and performance assessments. With ExamSCORE, you can minimize the subjective nature of performance-based assessments, evaluate performance levels based on objective descriptors, and comment on each criterion. Optimized for both computers and tablets, ExamSCORE works wherever you do—on campus, at your home office, and on the go.

With ExamSCORE, it’s easy to create and apply rubrics to evaluate students in every context, generating powerful insights to improve student outcomes.

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Easily create, assign, and apply rubrics for consistent assignment grading and performance evaluation.

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Capture evaluator comments and category-based insights to drive student remediation.

Flexible Solutions for Rubric-based Grading

ExamSCORE streamlines student assessment and evaluation with flexible tools for rubric creation, assignment, and grading.

  • Create your own point-based grading scale
  • Categorize criteria for actionable reporting and insights
  • Define “auto-fail” criteria for critical items
  • Capture evaluator comments for each criterion
  • Save and store rubrics for future assignments and exams
  • Utilize multiple rubrics per assignment
  • Evaluate students on desktop or tablet devices

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Harnessing the Power of Data

ExamSoft’s powerful category-based reporting is built into ExamSCORE, allowing you to generate a comprehensive list of student strengths and opportunities with the click of a button. Instructors can even track longitudinal student performance across different assessment types, such as essays, exams, and multiple-choice quizzes.

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How ExamSCORE Works for You:

  • Easily create and manage rubrics online, defining performance criteria and scoring structure
  • Evaluate students with the intuitive web-based app that works on any computer or tablet device
  • Generate comprehensive reports showing overall performance and category-based strengths and opportunities for entire cohorts and individual students
  • Distribute rapid, detailed feedback to faculty and students

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