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Superior Exam Solutions for Teachers and Students

ExamSoft helps middle schools and high schools create a more secure and efficient exam environment, while helping teachers and school administrators reduce workload and save time. Our digital assessment platform offers valuable student performance insights that allows teachers to focus more on the face-to-face interactions needed to take student learning to the next level.

Ensure Schools Are at the Forefront of Computer-Based Testing

  • Get a complete digital solution that streamlines exam creation, delivery, and grading
  • Choose from multiple assessment types including multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, hot spot, essay, and more
  • Easily save all exam questions to a secure item bank to be reused year over year
  • Monitor and influence student learning outcomes while identifying “at-risk” students for timely remediation
  • Deliver detailed performance reports to help students increase their GPA and gain university attention
  • Prepare students for the college testing environment by delivering exams through the same assessment platform used at hundreds of colleges and universities

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Valuable Insights That Help Teachers Improve Efficiency

ExamSoft offers teachers a user-friendly digital platform that makes exam creation, exam management, and data analysis easier than ever—so teachers can work smarter, not harder. The superior exam solution helps eliminate concerns over student cheating, printing costs, grading time, and more.

  • Administer exams through a secure testing application that does not require WiFi during the exam session
  • View individual student or entire class performance at the longitudinal level
  • Generate detailed performance reports immediately upon exam completion for teachers, students, and parents
  • Tag exam questions to specific learning objectives and customize end-of-exam reports
  • Quickly identify and address under-performing questions to help improve exams and curriculum
  • View the validity and success of each exam question to understand if learning objectives are being evaluated consistently

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