Improving Student Success in Health Sciences

Health Sciences Programs Get Advanced Assessment Support

ExamSoft helps health sciences programs prepare students for the NPTE exam by accurately measuring student learning and competency. ExamSoft’s digital assessment platform is easy to use and helps programs create allied health exam questions that track both required and desired learning objectives — including specific objectives outlined by licensing bodies.

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Prepare Students for a Successful Career in Health Sciences

  • Familiarize students with board exam environments like the NPTE exam and help improve pass rates
  • Streamline exam creation, data management, and data analysis
  • Gain a holistic view of all student performance with detailed performance reviews
  • Choose from multiple assessment types including essays, presentations, and clinical evaluations
  • Track learning objectives outlined by licensure bodies including CAPTE, AOTA, AARC, ARC-PA, PAEA, ACPE, ACHC, APHIS, and others

Actionable Assessment Data to Advance Education

  • Gain access to organized student data to help improve learning outcomes and passage rates, while preparing students for successful careers
  • Get advanced security features that protect exam integrity and deter academic dishonesty
  • Categorize exam questions for licensure objectives, programmatic goals, or accreditation standards
  • Improve curriculum development
  • Make customizable allied health exam questions that fit the hands-on learning found in health sciences programs
  • Create detailed Strengths & Opportunities Reports and provide more timely, individualized, data-driven feedback to increase student retention

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We Offer Additional Solutions
That Make ExamSoft Even More Useful

  • northernarizona casestudypreview

    Northern Arizona University’s physician assistant program uses ExamSoft as their primary student retention tool. By tagging questions to categories, faculty can provide detailed feedback to students after each assessment, resulting in improved remediation.

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  • nebraska alliedhealth

    After adopting ExamSoft in 2014, the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Allied Health Professions created categories to identify overlap across programs and has reaped many benefits, including looking at trends over time and projecting board exam scores.*

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    Disclaimer: *ExamSoft provided no compensation for these statements, but this individual has previously received compensation for other work performed for ExamSoft.
  • alabamastateuniversity

    The College of Health Sciences at Alabama State University adopted ExamSoft to help boost student performance on board exams for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and prosthetics & orthotics. Faculty are also seeing benefits, with grading time reduced by up to 90%.*

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    Disclaimer: *This organization received consideration for participating in this Case Study.

Formative Assessments & Student Engagement

Keep your students engaged and collect formative assessment data in real time to gain a better understanding of student learning.

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Exam Verification

Our two-step identity verification system eliminates exam-taker impersonation for both in-person, large-scale exams and remote exams.

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Advanced Remote Proctoring

Identify and deter academic dishonesty in classrooms and during remote exams without an in-person proctor or one-on-one invigilation.

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Subjective Assessments, Rubrics, and OSCE’s

Develop objective criteria for subjective assessments to improve scoring and feedback. Simplify administration and grading of OSCEs.

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Curriculum Mapping

Ensure all curricular topics are covered, prevent overlap, and streamline accreditation with a centralized curriculum planning tool.

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Exam Assessment Content Reserve

ExamSoft partners with other leading assessment providers to offer ready-made item banks and nationally benchmarked exam content.

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