In-Depth Assessment Consultation from Subject Matter Experts

The Faculty Development & Consulting Program

ExamSoft Assessment Solutions + You (EAS+Y) is a higher education assessment consulting service focused on helping educators accelerate their mastery and understanding of assessment data and digital learning assessment platforms. With EAS+Y, you get expert consultation to learn all the tips and best practices for addressing the full scope of your equity and access, assessment, and accreditation needs.

As a flexible faculty development program, EAS+Y can be customized around any of the equity, assessment, curriculum, and accreditation topics you want to learn, delivered via live and interactive webinars with an EAS+Y consultant.

What Can EAS+Y Help You Achieve?

EAS+Y is designed to help you get the most straightforward and informative answers to your specific questions. Here are just some of the ways EAS+Y can help faculty, educators, and institutions make fast, meaningful progress:

  • Make informed, data-driven decisions on curriculum, teaching, assessment, and accreditation
  • Review assessment items like exam questions for a fair and equitable evaluation of student learning
  • Learn how different reporting options can identify gaps in teaching methods or student learning
  • Get valuable, up-to-date training on cutting edge pedagogical methods in a flexible, convenient format
  • Effectively map and organize your curriculum to ensure robust topic coverage, prevent overlap, and identify the key objectives per course
  • Learn new tips and tricks to extract valuable insight from existing student performance data
  • Use data to quantify an exam’s effectiveness in measuring student knowledge 
  • Master the use of categories to gain deep insight into student performance beyond exam score 
  • Tailor assessment and accreditation best practices around the needs of the institution, program, or course
  • Quickly and easily master the use of data analytics and reporting capabilities to improve student outcomes, even if you have no experience using data analytics

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