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Executive Thoughts

Looking Back and Moving Forward

As this year comes to a close, I take this opportunity to reflect on not just this year, but the last two years — what many of us think of as the “pandemic era.” A lot has changed in this time – not just at Exam...

Executive Thoughts

That’s a Wrap: EAC 2021 Virtual

First, thank you to everyone who attended our event, ExamSoft Assessment Conference (EAC), last month. As you all know by now, this year the annual event was entirely online. This was new for us – and for you &#...

Executive Thoughts

Executive Thoughts: The Difference Between Facial Recognition and Facial Authentication or Identification

There’s an ongoing discussion in the media and society at large — and no small amount of controversy — involving facial recognition and facial authentication or identification. While the technology is similar, they ha...

Executive Thoughts

Reflections on Our Commitment to Equity and Access

When I accepted the role of Director of Education and Assessment at ExamSoft in November 2020, what drew me to this role was the company’s commitment to student success. Since I’ve joined this team, I’ve l...

Executive Thoughts

Responding to Senators

As remote learning and assessment have been in the limelight over the last several months due to a global pandemic forcing education – and many other things – online, the technology supporting those efforts has become...

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Clearing Up Confusion: Flagging Isn’t the Same as Cheating

Last year was a challenging one for all of us, with educators, students, and certifying bodies adapting to some necessary technological changes as classes and exams went remote. At ExamSoft, our role was to help ease ...

Executive Thoughts

Executive Thoughts: Partnering with the National League for Nursing (NLN) Foundation

We, at ExamSoft, are pleased to renew our commitment to and partnership with the National League for Nursing’s Foundation for Nursing Education. We joined the Foundation’s Advisory Council a year ago, with our CEO, Se...

Executive Thoughts

Executive Thoughts: Sebastian Vos on the Turnitin Partnership

Now that the news of our partnership with Turnitin is fully shared, I wanted to take a moment to share a little more about the why of the agreement. Prior to this acquisition, ExamSoft was owned by a private equity gr...

Executive Thoughts

Executive Thoughts: Sebastian Vos on the 2020 Bar Exams

There is no doubt that 2020 has been an unusual year to say the least. And as we approach an October delivery of many State Bar Exams, it causes me to reflect on ExamSoft’s history with State Bar Exams, as well as the...