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Protect the integrity of your exams and assessment data with the most secure exam platform

ExamSoft’s digital assessment platform allows you to deliver secure assessments without the need for a persistent WiFi connection. Now educators can save time and costs by minimizing the need for expensive live proctoring/invigilation, while eliminating virtually all forms of academic dishonesty. Confidently evaluate student performance using data, grades, and scoring that are a true reflection of student learning and provide content-specific remediation strategies that are quick and easy to deliver.

Why Exam Security & Integrity Matters

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Accurate Information

Secured exams are required for accurate assessment data. Reliable data drives decisions on course materials and teaching methods. If an exam-taker is able to cheat on an exam, you don’t have a clear picture of what that person knows or has learned

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Better Learning Outcomes

Understanding what students truly know helps guide your remediation plans, future assessments, and curricula. By addressing these key areas using accurate assessment data, you can improve your students’ learning outcomes and boost student retention.

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When your exams are secure, you don’t have to develop new items as often. Knowing that your content hasn’t been shared means you can re-use top-performing items without concerns of academic integrity breaches.

ExamSoft Provides Exam Security That Can’t Be Matched

  • Completely Locking Down the Exam-Taker’s Device

    • Only ExamSoft protects exam integrity without the need for WiFi, blocking all internet access while an exam is open. Nothing else on the device can be accessed until the exam is completed, providing superior security over standard and locked down web browsers.
  • Protecting Exam Items from Replication

    • Screenshot capabilities are blocked on the exam-taker’s device, preventing electronic capture of test questions and making it significantly harder for students to cheat.
  • Customized Experience with Exam Features

    • Set up assessments the way you want with special exam features. Automatically randomize questions and answers, prevent backward navigation, implement time limits, and determine which tools to allow.
  • Expanded Solutions with Remote Proctoring

    • Advanced A.I. monitoring combined with human review identifies potential academic dishonesty and deters cheating during both in-person and remote exams, all without an in-person proctor or one-on-one invigilation.

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Our two-step identity verification system eliminates exam-taker impersonation for large-scale, in-person, exams and remote exams.

Learn more about ExamID

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Identify academic dishonesty and deter cheating in classrooms and during remote exams without an in-person proctor or one-on-one invigilation.

Learn more about ExamMonitor

  • MarianUniversity

    “It’s great to know when our students are taking high-stakes multiple choice exams [in ExamSoft], their time and effort mastering material is secure. Not only is our item bank safe from screen shots and copy and paste, but the student’s navigation is saved. If their computer fails, we can still access their examination. In over six years of using ExamSoft, I’ve never once experienced a student losing their examination, which is something I cannot say for testing platforms I’ve used in the past.”*

    Wendy Labuzan, Coordinator of Examinations, Health Professions
    Marian University

    *ExamSoft provided no compensation for this statement, but this individual has previously received compensation for other work performed for ExamSoft.
  • ElCentroCollege-Campus

    “We spoke to a variety of other companies, but none could match the level of exam security that ExamSoft offered. Its strong reputation and willingness to both listen to and address our needs helped tremendously with faculty buy-in and implementation.”

    Joan Becker, Dean of Nursing
    El Centro


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