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Exploring Assessment Technology’s Impact on Undergraduate Education

Over the previous 40 years, higher education has begun to adopt innovative technologies in an attempt to better educate students and holistically optimize the assessment process. However, many undergraduate programs h...


5 Ways Disruption Occurs in Assessment

Insights from the EAC 2019 Keynote The five ways disruption is occurring in assessment in education often mirrors the kind of disruptions that are seen in the typical marketplace. Britt Nichols, ExamSoft CRO, briefly ...

Pedagogo Podcast Annabelle Goodwin

Pedagogo S4E2: Community Building in Online Learning Spaces

Dr. Divya Bheda talks with Dr. Annabelle Goodwin, the inaugural Chief Diversity Officer for Northcentral University, about the importance of community building to the shared success of students and faculty in online e...

Pedagogo Podcast Season 4 Episode 1 guest Dr. Jane Irungu

Pedagogo S4E1: Promoting Shared Success at an Institutional Level

Dr. Divya Bheda talks with Dr. Jane Irungu about the importance of community building to support students, faculty, staff, and leadership at traditional, brick-and-mortar institutions. Guest Bio: Dr. Jane Irungu is cu...

Sullivan University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences case study
Case Study

Sullivan University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

In 2014, the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences at Sullivan University decided to optimize testing in its PharmD program. After making the switch from paper-based exams to digital assessment with ExamSoft, the ...

pedagogo prologue season 4

Pedagogo Season 4 Prologue

The events of the past two years have underlined the importance of community. Presented with the challenges of social isolation, we sought digital spaces to connect, communicate, collaborate, and drive social change. ...

Limitations of current assessment practices - and solutions

Limitations of Current Assessment Practices — and Their Solutions

As we continue to move through the Information Age, we are all required to learn new skills to keep up. At the most basic level, workers — and citizens in general — need to have a high level of digital literacy to do ...

Flexible assessment value

The Value of Flexibility in Assessment

As we’ve learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, flexibility is critical for organizations of all kinds. The flexibility that educational institutions demonstrated in the pandemic era, while remarkable under the circums...

Holistic alternatives to standardized testing in college admissions

Holistic Alternatives to Standardized Testing in College Admissions

The admissions testing process for colleges and universities has been under scrutiny for some time, but only a few institutions had taken steps to improve it. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, forcing many testing cente...

Next Gen NCLEX webinar with Dr. Tim Bristol of NurseThink
On-Demand Webinars

On-demand Webinar: Creating Next Gen NCLEX® Test Items

Dr. Tim Bristol of NurseThink® discusses how to promote NCLEX-readiness with your test items. NurseTim® shares tips, tools, and templates for building assessments that focus on clinical judgment using ExamSoft. Learn ...

From content memorization to critical thinking with digital assessment

From Content Memorization to Critical Thinking with Digital Assessment

Critical thinking is a key skill that empowers learners in their academic and professional careers. For educators to teach critical thinking skills applicable to students’ goals, learners must first gain a strong comm...

webinarreport futureofassessment
On-Demand Webinars

On-demand Webinar: Pandemic Insights to Shape a Better Future

Dr. Natasha Jankowski and Dr. Divya Bheda discuss findings from a recent survey of higher education faculty, staff, administrators, and students who shared their perspectives and advice about the future of assessment....

AHMED MIZAN in Iraq adopts ExamSoft for digital assessment

Authority of Health and Medical Education (MIZAN) to Deliver Digital Assessments with ExamSoft

Iraqi medical education group becomes first in the country to adopt ExamSoft Dallas, TX – March 17, 2022 – ExamSoft is pleased to announce that The Authority of Health and Medical Education (MIZAN) has become ExamSoft...

Using Digital Assessment to Support Academic Research and Publishing

Using Digital Assessment to Support Academic Research & Publishing

For faculty at many academic institutions, research and publication in peer-reviewed journals is a precursor to employment, a necessary step for promotion, and a requirement to secure and maintain tenure. But the impo...

ebooks feature challengesfacingcovid 2022

3 Pandemic-Related Challenges Facing Admissions Testing Around the World

The COVID-19 pandemic created many challenges in education and brought many others to light. One of the most notable challenges was the inability of students to take standardized admissions tests due to testing center...

infographics efficiency and savings

Infographic: Paving the Way to Efficiency

Four Real Examples of How Institutions Gained Efficiencies Through ExamSoft Paperless Assessments Pay Off One client administered 76,000 digital exams in a single semester, saving an estimated $800,000 in printing cos...

pr rwanda vaccine supply chain

East African Community (EAC) Regional Centre of Excellence for Vaccines, Immunization & Health Supply Chain Management (RCE-VIHSCM) Training Program Goes Digital with ExamSoft

International vaccination, immunization and health supply chain management program to deliver digital exams using ExamSoft Dallas, TX – February 15, 2022 – ExamSoft is pleased to announce the addition of a new client ...

Certification and Licensure Event Exams: A Conversation With Experts - webinar
On-Demand Webinars

On-demand Webinar: Certification and Licensure Event Exams – A Conversation With Experts

Event exams often define who enters various professional fields and who advances in them. These exams serve as gatekeepers to ensure candidates are truly competent in their ability to serve their communities as practi...

University of the Pacific — Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry
Case Study

University of the Pacific — Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry

After two phases of curricular reform, the Dugoni School of Dentistry required a solution to align assessment content with professional competencies and reveal opportunities for improvement. The school paired ExamSoft...

blog: trauma informed assessment and pedagogy

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy: Success Through Understanding

In the last few years, more people have experienced psychological and physical trauma than ever before. According to the World Health Organization, “there has been a 13% rise in mental health conditions and substance ...