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Two powerful exams to equip pharmacy schools

Pre-APPE Readiness Assessment (PARA) helps pharmacy schools evaluate student readiness for APPE and support accreditation by providing meaningful performance insights benchmarked against national comparison data.

P1 Readiness Assessment identifies at-risk students early on in their programs by evaluating foundational knowledge required for PharmD success and uncovering gaps for proactive support.

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Pre-APPE Readiness Assessment (PARA)

Written by pharmacy clinicians in academia, PARA evaluates APPE readiness by comparing performance data at the individual student and aggregate level to national benchmarks — all readily available through ExamSoft without the need for exam registration or third-party proctoring.

Get insights into APPE readiness

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Meaningful data insights

  • Strengths & Opportunities Report compares individual student performance with national benchmarks by key categories and provides student percentile rank across a national sample of students.
  • Summary Report compares cohort performance with national benchmarks according to key categories.
  • Key categories include Bloom’s Taxonomy, NAPLEX topic areas, ACPE required elements of the didactic doctor of pharmacy curriculum, ACCP Pharmacotherapy Toolkit, and other key concepts.


Pre-APPE content

  • Content closely aligns with 2016 ACPE standard 25.8 for APPE preparedness and ACCP Pharmacotherapy Toolkit.
  • 200-question assessment mirrors NAPLEX question types.
  • Exam leverages assessment best practices and deep subject matter expertise of practicing pharmacy clinicians and educators across the country.

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P1 Readiness Assessment

While admitted students may fulfill prerequisites on paper, more and more are arriving underprepared for their PharmD programs. P1 Readiness Assessment enables pharmacy schools to identify at-risk students and set them up for success starting from day one. Delivered through ExamSoft, the assessment evaluates basic knowledge and skills needed in any PharmD program.

Set up for success from day 1


Developed with a cross-disciplinary approach, the exam covers calculations (ranging from secondary math to technician level), anatomy/physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, critical thinking, and other fundamentals.

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Reporting comparing individual and cohort performance to national data helps guide self-directed learning in McGraw Hill’s AccessPharmacy.

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By mimicking the length, structure, and question types of the NAPLEX, the exam familiarizes students with the NAPLEX experience.

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