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eBook: Credentialing and Digital Assessment with ExamSoft

A digital solution for assessment can help certifying and licensing bodies solve pandemic-related challenges while continuing to uphold the value of the credentials their exams provide. In addition, adopting a digital...


ExamSoft for Certification

Creating and administering secure certification or licensure exams is a significant undertaking. And many organizations do it well. But when the global pandemic forced an unanticipated pivot to online or remote exams,...

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Flexibility in Assessment

Right now, flexibility is everything. Being flexible and having the ability to adjust and pivot is what’s keeping many institutions successful during challenging times. ExamSoft gives schools, universities, businesses...

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Clinical Judgment Exams (CJE) with ExamSoft

For your nursing students, being prepared for the clinical setting and passing the NCLEX are two of the most important goals of their nursing education. And you can help them achieve both through Clinical Judgment Exa...

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ExamSoft Reports and Data

Exam day can be a stressful time, but it also presents an opportunity for both exam-takers and exam administrators to gain valuable insights. Assessments delivered through ExamSoft provide educators with actionable da...

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Exam Security with ExamSoft

Why does exam security really matter? The answer for ExamSoft users is in the data. Reducing academic dishonesty means better, more accurate assessment data. And this means a more accurate measurement of exam-taker kn...

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ExamID: Auto-Identity Verification Tool

ExamID is an auto-identity verification tool that safeguards and streamlines the exam check-in process by allowing administrators to verify exam-taker identity from any location. Using a two-step authentication proces...

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ExamSCORE: Student-Centered Objective Rubrics Evaluation

ExamSCORE enables educators to develop objective criteria for subjective assessments to improve scoring and student feedback. Simplify planning, administration, and grading of OSCEs and ensure that evaluation day runs...

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ExamMonitor: Remote Proctor

ExamMonitor allows educators to deliver secure proctored assessments, even in remote locations. ExamMonitor captures video and audio of exam takers during an assessment and uses strong AI-enabled analysis to detect at...

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ExamNow: Student Engagement & Polling

ExamNow is an intuitive audience response tool that allows educators to simultaneously increase student engagement and measure student learning. This formative assessment platform allows faculty to easily deliver quiz...


ExamSoft Assessment Solutions

Insights for the EAC 2019 Keynote ExamSoft provides a wide range of assessment tools and capabilities to help support educators with a more reliable assessment process. Britt Nichols, ExamSoft CRO, describes how ExamS...


How Can Assessment Data Help Drive Enrollment?

Insights from the EAC 2019 Keynote The four main drivers of change in education are largely impacted by truly insightful, actionable data and academic assessment. Britt Nichols, ExamSoft CRO, highlights the various wa...


4 Demands Driving Change in Higher Education

Insights from the EAC 2019 Keynote The four main drivers of change in education revolve around enrollment, funding, accreditation, and the digital native (i.e. a new type of student). Britt Nichols, ExamSoft CRO, disc...


5 Ways Disruption Occurs in Assessment

Insights from the EAC 2019 Keynote The five ways disruption is occurring in assessment in education often mirrors the kind of disruptions that are seen in the typical marketplace. Britt Nichols, ExamSoft CRO, briefly ...

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How Not to Use Assessments: Common Mishaps Implementing Formative Assessments and How to Correct Them

Instruct. Assess. Feedback. Repeat. This is the timeless methodology of formative assessment applied, in some way, in all levels of education. The application of this process is continuously subject to change based on...

How Not to Use Formative Assessments Webinar

How Not to Use Formative Assessments

Here are some common examples of how not to use formative assessments and the simple corrections to get you back to being an assessment pro.

How Good are Your Exam Questions Webinar

How Good Are Your Exam Questions?

The information needed to evaluate the quality of exam questions and assessment items is found in student performance data by ExamSoft. Experience goes a long way, but the detailed feedback collected after student ass...


Using Categories to Identify Performance in Law Student Learning

Tommy Sangchompuphen, Associate Dean for Student Learning and Assessment and Associate Professor of Law from Lincoln Memorial University School of Law, speaks to why his program uses ExamSoft for more than secure exam...