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Panel Discussion: Assessment, Higher Education, and Digital Futures (EAC 2021)

Chris Caren, Chief Executive Officer at Turnitin, shared TII’s plans and led into the keynote panel of Dr. Natasha Jankoski, Dr. Charles Lu, and Dr. Peter Felton. The keynote panel discussion titled: Assessment,...

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Nursing Accreditation Goes Virtual: How to Survive and Thrive (EAC 2021)

Virtual Accreditation…each of these words individually has the power to invoke very emotional responses within the world of nursing education but together they can send even the most experienced faculty into a s...

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Modified Angoff Standard Setting as a Means to Evaluate Competence, Provide Feedback, and Inform Remediation (EAC 2021)

Wingate University School of Pharmacy uses summative annual skills mastery assessments (ASMA) to evaluate longitudinal mastery, retention, and practice readiness. ASMA cut scores are determined by the modified Angoff ...

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Leveraging Assessments to Enhance Retention and Prepare for Integrated Board Examinations (EAC 2021)

This presentation will detail how Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (RSDM) leverages ExamSoft to promote the integration of basic, behavioral, and clinical science. The presentation will review the relevant accreditat...

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Let Us Collaborate to Publish and Present (EAC 2021)

Dr. Divya Bheda, Director of Education and Assessment at ExamSoft, presents on forming connections and working with colleagues to present at conferences (national and international), publish in journals, or work on bo...

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Assessment Trends in 2021 with Dr. Gianina Baker (EAC 2021)

On the second day of EAC 2021, Dr. Gianina Baker, the acting director at the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA), delivered her keynote. She invited attendees to reflect on lessons learned this...

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Increasing the Effectiveness of Early Intervention using Exam Data (EAC 2021)

Early intervention is a crucial component of assisting students with their transition to professional programs. Often, students struggle with the increased demands of healthcare programs and benefit from data driven g...

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Improving Assessments Through Versatile Categorization, Using Learning Outcomes as a Guide to Student Engagement (EAC 2021)

This session will help you formulate a user-friendly database, breaking down questions into manageable sections to facilitate fluent communication between students and the course director, allowing them to pinpoint th...

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How I Became a Better Teacher During the Time of COVID -19 (EAC 2021)

Over 500 year-two medical students attended problem-based learning session designed using clinical reasoning. This session compares exam questions performance on lecture session versus problem-based learning. Learning...

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From Curriculum Tasks to Accreditation Applications: An Example of a Streamlined Integration of ExamSoft Legacy Platform (EAC 2021)

Accreditation agencies require clear evidence of students’ successful progress through the curriculum for a program to achieve successful accreditation. To address this requirement, a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) progr...

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Friday Debrief (EAC 2021)

Dr. Divya Bheda, Director of Education and Assessment, and Caleb Winn, Senior Director of Product Management conduct a debrief on the final day of EAC 2021 and answered questions from attendees.

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ExamSoft Longitudinal Reports to Support Academic Advising, Curricular Improvement and Accreditation (EAC 2021)

ExamSoft longitudinal reports can be a very useful tool in conjunction with category tagging. These reports can help support course and curriculum improvements, bringing consistency between courses and faculty while s...

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ExamSoft Assessment Solutions + You (EAS+Y) (EAC 2021)

In this session, Dr. Divya Bheda, Director of Education and Assessment, conducts a Q&A-style presentation to explain ExamSoft’s EAS+Y portfolio consulting services that help support clients and their needs.

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Eleven Departments – Three Campuses – One ExamSoft (EAC 2021)

During this 45-minute presentation, learners will gain insight into how an institution with three campuses, eleven departments, 784 employees, and 3,136 students maneuver through onboarding to the ExamSoft Enterprise ...

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Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive Testing Program as a Cornerstone for Successful Outcomes (EAC 2021)

Many characteristics of a nursing program serve as measures of successful outcomes. More than ever one of these measurements is NCLEX first time pass rates. A comprehensive testing program integrated across the curric...

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Creating Formative Assignments Using Digital Testing Software to Strengthen Student Self-Efficacy (EAC 2021)

NGN expects nursing graduates to demonstrate clinical competence through problem solving and clinical judgements. This assignment took writing objectives and transformed them to serve as a guide to writing alternate s...

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Course Coordinator Assessment Workflow (CCAW): An Integrated Assessment Tool to Personalized Learning and Teaching (EAC 2021)

There is an increasing focus on the need to ensure that students are competent before they graduate. The goal of this study was to develop an integrated assessment tool to personalize teaching and learning. We develop...

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Conversation with Funders (EAC 2021)

Funder Perspectives: Preparing for the New Normal: Trends, Opportunities, and Innovation in Digital Learning The role of digital learning was put on full display as postsecondary institutions sought to keep students e...