Leveraging Assessments to Enhance Retention and Prepare for Integrated Board Examinations (EAC 2021)

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This presentation will detail how Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (RSDM) leverages ExamSoft to promote the integration of basic, behavioral, and clinical science. The presentation will review the relevant accreditation standards and other factors impacting modern dental curricula, then will discuss RSDM’s program. An overview of RSDM’s protocols for exam development, including use of categories, will be conducted, as well as a review of how RSDM develops integrated, high stakes examinations for use at multiple points in the predoctoral dental curriculum. A portion of the presentation will also be dedicated to how results across courses are relayed to the students.

After viewing this session, you will be able to:
• Describe the purpose of integrating basic and clinical science content throughout their curriculum, if applicable, and the concepts of horizontal and vertical curriculum integration
• Understand how to utilize tagging with categories in ExamSoft to facilitate curriculum integration
• Determine how to provide ongoing feedback to students regarding their performance in specific curricular areas
• Develop a method of reviewing assessment outcomes to implement curricular changes to improve student learning and retention

Published: July 16, 2021

Updated: July 17, 2023

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