Increasing the Effectiveness of Early Intervention using Exam Data (EAC 2021)

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Early intervention is a crucial component of assisting students with their transition to professional programs. Often, students struggle with the increased demands of healthcare programs and benefit from data driven guidance when meeting with their advisors. This session will focus on the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy’s approach to providing exam data to the Student Affairs department and student advisors to better prepare them for their meetings with student advisees. Through the use of this data, conversations are able to focus on specific areas where students may be struggling without the student needing to articulate this on their own.

After viewing this session you will be able to identify an approach to gathering exam data for student retention purposes that can be tailored to their own environment. You will also be able to develop an Excel-based reporting tool that can be used to deliver exam data to all stakeholders in the student retention realm, and develop a strategy for Student Affairs administrator(s) and/or advisor(s) to engage with students early to share resources for academic support.