Modified Angoff Standard Setting as a Means to Evaluate Competence, Provide Feedback, and Inform Remediation (EAC 2021)

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Wingate University School of Pharmacy uses summative annual skills mastery assessments (ASMA) to evaluate longitudinal mastery, retention, and practice readiness. ASMA cut scores are determined by the modified Angoff method making the traditional strengths and opportunities percentage-based reporting inadequate. Data manipulation external to ExamSoft using cut scores as a measure of minimal competence allows for individualized learner evaluation and performance reporting of the overall assessment, four science domains, areas comprising the domains, and cognitive level. We aim to demonstrate using ExamSoft data and functionality as tools to aid individualized composite performance reporting for learners on ASMAs.

After attending the session participants will be able to:

  • Understand the rationale and process for using modified Angoff scoring to define minimal competence and practice readiness
  • Identify opportunities where using modified Angoff scoring may be used in summative assessments throughout a curriculum
  • Discuss the use of modified Angoff scoring on individualized learner feedback utilizing cut scores at overall, area, cognitive, and individual category levels on a summative annual assessment
  • Recognize the utility of learner feedback reports in the design of individualized development plan