ExamSoft Longitudinal Reports to Support Academic Advising, Curricular Improvement and Accreditation (EAC 2021)


ExamSoft longitudinal reports can be a very useful tool in conjunction with category tagging. These reports can help support course and curriculum improvements, bringing consistency between courses and faculty while supporting accreditation. Longitudinal reports can also help provide meaningful academic advising to students. Data in these reports provide opportunities for faculty development and promote scholarship of teaching and learning. In this presentation, we shared experiences from three different pharmacy schools (both private and public), about ExamSoft category tagging, longitudinal reports generation, frequency and intentional use for curriculum improvements, course consistency, and academic advising.

After viewing this session you will be able to:
1. Identify ExamSoft categories that are relevant to their program needs.
2. Identify types of longitudinal reports that could be generated to meet the needs of the program.
3. Interpret longitudinal reports and translate findings into actions for quality improvement.
4. Discuss the utility of the reports for advising, curricular improvement and accreditation.