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Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive Testing Program as a Cornerstone for Successful Outcomes (EAC 2021)

Many characteristics of a nursing program serve as measures of successful outcomes. More than ever one of these measurements is NCLEX first time pass rates. A comprehensive testing program integrated across the curric...

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Creating Formative Assignments Using Digital Testing Software to Strengthen Student Self-Efficacy (EAC 2021)

NGN expects nursing graduates to demonstrate clinical competence through problem solving and clinical judgements. This assignment took writing objectives and transformed them to serve as a guide to writing alternate s...

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Course Coordinator Assessment Workflow (CCAW): An Integrated Assessment Tool to Personalized Learning and Teaching (EAC 2021)

There is an increasing focus on the need to ensure that students are competent before they graduate. The goal of this study was to develop an integrated assessment tool to personalize teaching and learning. We develop...

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Conversation with Funders (EAC 2021)

Funder Perspectives: Preparing for the New Normal: Trends, Opportunities, and Innovation in Digital Learning The role of digital learning was put on full display as postsecondary institutions sought to keep students e...

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Conference Close (EAC 2021)

Eric Connelly, Vice President of Client Development at ExamSoft, delivers closing remarks for EAC 2021.

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Blueprints Spin Me Right Round (EAC 2021)

This hands-on session will leave you with the skills you need to build a blueprint that you will be able to use for any exam you have to build and improve it annually. You will have the building blocks to make a great...

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Agile Assessors: How We Took What We Had to Make an Effective Remote Proctoring Process (EAC 2021)

The Medical College of Wisconsin created an effective remote proctoring process in less than a month after the state shut down in March 2020. The School of Medicine and School of Pharmacy faculty and staff utilized ex...

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Education Resources (EAC 2021)

Dr. Divya Bheda, Director of Education and Assessment at ExamSoft, moderates a panel of experts regarding resources in education. View to learn more about three non-profit organizations that can serve as a resource fo...

webinar supportingstudentseffectively
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On-demand Webinar: Supporting Students Effectively and Proactively in Remote Testing Environments

The use of remote learning and assessment accelerated during the pandemic, and now many institutions are planning to adopt online education as part of their strategy. Hear from our panel of former students, higher edu...

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Webinar: Today’s Proctoring Options and the Important Role of Educators in Safeguarding Academic Integrity

The impact of COVID-19 has caused many higher ed programs and institutions to reexamine their approaches to proctoring, but educators still play a key role in preserving academic integrity. Explore the strengths and l...

Higher Ed and Tech During COVID-19 Webinar
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Higher Ed and Technology During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As COVID-19 pushed colleges and universities to online learning and remote assessment, technology became even more critical to day-to-day operations. The Digital Transformation was in full effect. But how much of that...

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Accreditation from Three Perspectives

Accreditation standards are central to academic excellence, but they can also bring curricular deficiencies to light. Hear from institutional leaders as they share accreditation-related insights and strategies for imp...

NurseThink Webinar
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On-demand Webinar: Next Generation Testing with Clinical Judgment Exams

NurseThink® testing powered by ExamSoft can help you provide secure, nationally benchmarked exams to your students. Dr. Tim Bristol shares insights on high-quality assessments for nursing programs, including key highl...

Navigating Psychometrics Webinar
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Navigating Psychometrics with Computer-Based Testing

Webinar: Navigating Psychometrics with Computer-Based Testing In this webinar we explore the complexity of exam item and assessment analysis as it relates to psychometrics. The webinar will also review best practices ...

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ExamSoft Education Connection-A Biopsy Sample of Student Learning

Incorporating the diagnostic utility of radiology into the medical school curriculum is instrumental in graduating well-rounded physicians, who can draw upon this knowledge when caring for their patients. Indiana Univ...

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ExamSoft Education Connection-Utilization of ExamSoft Tagging and Gateway Exams

LECOM School of Pharmacy created Gateway Exams as part of an ongoing student success initiative. Faculty were encouraged to look at exam questions administered in the current academic year and identify those that woul...

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ExamSoft Education Connection-Using ExamSoft Data

Literature supports the inclusion of multiple-response type questions to assess critical thinking and higher-level cognitive processing in nursing programs. These questions are often developed with five or more respon...

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ExamSoft Education Connection-NCBE As a Testing Platform Undergoing Exam Redesign

Technology, globalization, and market forces are bringing change to the practice of law. How should the licensing exam adjust to serve a changing legal profession that is facing many challenges, such as an access to j...