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ExamSoft Education Connection-Squaring the Round Peg

This session will show how a Physician Assistant program combined ExamSoft and ExamSCORE rubrics to implement a practical OSCE assessment. ExamSoft and ExamSCORE were used during a live OSCE by students, standardized ...

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ExamSoft Education Connection-Storytelling with Auntie Cool

By implementing ExamSoft, SUNY Upstate Medical University was able to offer Script Concordance Testing. This was requested as a pilot testing system for a course that requires students to choose their own answer seque...

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ExamSoft Education Connection-Coming Full Circle

Writing even a single assessment item can be difficult. What if there was an easier way to formulate items while taking the entire instructional and assessment process into consideration? There is—and we can show you ...

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ExamSoft Education Connection-Thinking Outside the Box

Driven by the desire to level the playing field for all students, ExamSoft and The Ohio State University entered into an institution-wide partnership to provide integrated learning technology for wide-reaching, high-i...

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ExamSoft Education Connection-Team-Taught Courses: Best Practices with ExamSoft

While team-taught courses with multiple faculty members are often the norm in health education, they can bring additional challenges when coordinating electronic assessments. Differentiating each team role ensures tha...

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ExamSoft Education Connection-Setting Up Success

The ExamSoft core platform creates a world of assessment possibilities for law schools, so it’s important to make sure content stays organized. During this session we will review best practices for setting up your por...

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ExamSoft Education Connection-Beyond Strengths and Opportunities

Wingate University School of Pharmacy uses both question bank and performance grading assessment functionality in ExamSoft throughout the didactic curriculum and with summative annual assessments. ExamSoft reporting o...

Nursing Assessment Panel Webinar
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Webinar: ExamSoft Nursing Assessment Expert Panel

Three expert panelists in nursing assessment answer questions and provide their best practices for getting the most out of the ExamSoft assessment platform. In this webinar you will learn how: Nursing programs can tag...

Paper to Electronic Clinical Grading Webinar
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Transitioning from Paper to Electronic Clinical Grading

The adoption and implementation of ExamSoft tools ultimately saves staff time and resources, while helping to streamline the process for clinical exam grading and generate meaningful data. This webinar discusses how t...

Culture of Assessment Webinar
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Webinar: Developing a Culture of Assessment and How to Achieve it

Presented by Dr. Frederick Burrack, Director of the Office of Assessment, Kansas State University Institutions of higher education are increasingly utilizing documentation of student application of learning as the key...

Putting Data to Work Webinar
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Putting Data to Work: Incorporating Technology into Curricular Review

Presented by Mr. Eric Ermie, Director of Client Solutions at ExamSoft This webinar demonstrates how ExamSoft can be leveraged to make new curriculum successful, as well as how to properly use assessment data to ensure...

Exam Item Development in Nursing Education Wenbinar
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Exam Item Development and Analysis in Nursing Education

This featured ExamSoft webinar, hosted by Aimee L. Badeaux, PhD, CRNA, explores the complexity of exam item development and analysis in nursing education. Key Topics: Review best practices for exam item development, c...

Feedback for Retention of Knowledge Webinar
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Learning for the Long Term: Providing Students with the Appropriate Feedback for Retention of Knowledge

Formative Assessment in Legal Education
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Formative Assessment in Legal Education

Utilizing formative assessment can be very beneficial for law schools. Formative assessments provide students and faculty with the feedback they need to understand how well each student is absorbing course content and...

Proactive Remediation Process Webinar
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Promediation: Using Exam Data to Drive a Proactive Remediation Process for Student Success

Remediation in education is the age old process of meeting with students when they have been identified as at-risk or failing. Unfortunately, too often this occurs after students have failed a course, which is a disse...

Using Retired Exam Questions in Formative Assessments Webinar
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Retiring Exam Questions? How to Use These Items in Formative Assessments

As semesters come and go, new exams are created and used items are retired, never to be used again. While moving on to new exam items due to poor performing statistics or to ensure exam security are sound practices, t...

Psychometrics 101 Webinar
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Psychometrics 101: Know What Your Assessment Data is Telling You

Keep it? Throw it out? Content/teaching issue? Bad question? Too easy? Too hard? More than likely you have asked some or all of these questions at one point or another when trying to understand the performance of ques...

Psychometrics 201 Webinar
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Psychometrics 201: Putting Assessment Data into Action

At the conclusion of each exam, a wealth of student assessment data is immediately available to faculty. The short term value of this data is evident – evaluate individual question performance. However, that’s o...