Course Coordinator Assessment Workflow (CCAW): An Integrated Assessment Tool to Personalized Learning and Teaching (EAC 2021)

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There is an increasing focus on the need to ensure that students are competent before they graduate. The goal of this study was to develop an integrated assessment tool to personalize teaching and learning. We developed a course coordinator assessment workflow (CCAW) tool that was used to identify educational outcomes that did not meet benchmarks at the student, course, and curriculum levels within two weeks of a semester. We found that there was a significant difference in outcomes between pre- and post-interventions at the student, course, and curriculum levels. The CCAW helps personalize teaching and learning based on educational outcomes.

After viewing this session, you will be able to accomplish the following using an integrated assessment tool such as the CCAW (course coordinator assessment workflow):

  • Monitor student learning real-time
  • Improve teaching real-time
  • Evaluate curricular effectiveness real-time