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Kaplan Pharmacy
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Assistant Exam Content

ExamSoft & Kaplan

OSCE Cases &
Grading Rubrics

The OSCE cases offered through the ExamSoft and Kaplan partnership are created and vetted by leading experts in Pharmacy and Physician Assistant education.

All OSCE cases are categorized to the appropriate learning objectives and clinical competencies, come complete with grading rubrics, and are fully customizable to fit the needs of your program. Rating explanations, full supporting case material, and standardized patient and student instructions are also included.

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Multiple Choice Questions

Now it’s easy for Physician Assistant Programs to create formative assessments with expertly created and vetted multiple choice questions. All multiple choice questions are pre-categorized to appropriate learning objectives and fully customizable. Questions also include detailed rationales to enhance student learning and remediation.

ExamSoft gives you the ability to tag any number of additional learning objectives, allowing you to take full advantage of robust reporting and analytics features. You get a holistic view of student learning to better assess student readiness for summative exams, post-graduation certification, and clinical practice.

Kaplan + ExamSCORE
Combine Kaplan’s pre-made OSCE content with ExamSCORE for a complete OSCE solution that saves educators time, makes exam day far more efficient, and provides the most useful and actionable feedback for students.
UT Austin
“OSCEs are a great form of assessment but take a significant investment in time and resources. Having assessment content from Kaplan pre-loaded into ExamSoft saves faculty time in writing, scoring, and assessing OSCEs.”
Ashley Castleberry, Pharm.D., MEd., Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacy PracticeUniversity of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy
“ExamSoft is incredibly easy to use and efficient. More importantly, using it to score written essays and performance assessments like laboratory practical exams, clinical skills, and simulated experiences, provides opportunities for instructors to instantly score experiences; provide detailed feedback to students in a visual platform; and see trends in performance over time or by student group that paper rubrics just don’t easily facilitate.”
Sarah B. McBrien, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Director of Curricular & Learning AssessmentCollege of Allied Health Professions, University of Nebraska Medical Center
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