ExamSCORE™ – Student-Centered Objective Rubrics Evaluation


ExamSCORE is an evaluation tool that enables educators to evaluate Exam Taker performance using Rubrics.

Exhibit A Product/Service Names

The following Product/Service names include the capabilities defined in this specification

  • ExamSCORE
  • ExamSCORE (initial setup)
  • ExamBundle
    • Product Bundle includes ExamNow, ExamID, and ExamSCORE
  • ExamBundle (initial setup)
  • Ai: Assessment Intelligence (SofTest-M iPad only) + Rubrics
  • Ai: Assessment Intelligence BiModal (Win + Mac + SofTest-M (iPad)) + Rubrics
  • Mid-Year Startup – Ai: Assessment Intelligence (Win + Mac only) + Rubrics
  • Mid-Year Startup – Ai: Exam Intelligence (Win + Mac only) + Rubrics
  • Pilot – Ai: Assessment Intelligence (Win + Mac only) + Rubrics
  • Performance Assessment
  • Performance Assessment (Initial Setup)
  • Pilot – Rubrics
  • Rubrics

Detailed Specifications


ExamSCORE includes the ability to plan, execute, and review the results of Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs), via a web portal used for planning and an iPad application used for exam delivery / grading.

User Permissions
Users with the appropriate User Permissions may create additional accounts

  • Create, edit, and disable Users
  • Assign User permissions to control access to the OSCE web portal and/or iPad app

OSCE Planning
Users may utilize a web portal to prepare OSCEs for delivery, including defining schedules, scenarios, and rubrics.

  • OSCE Station Management
    • Define OSCE Stations, including name, description, and instructions for Users
    • Define a single Rubric per station
      • Define columns and labels
      • Define question names + descriptions for each rubric
      • Define point value for each potential selection for each question
      • Optional “Overall Impression” score with custom descriptions + point
  • Organize Circuits
    • Assign OSCE Stations into a group or Circuit
    • Assign Assessors and Students to Circuit

Assessment delivery
Users may utilize the OSCE iPad application to complete their clinical evaluation, including reviewing the details of each Circuit and Station, and completing the grading rubric.

  • Assessor Schedule View
    • View and select User’s own scheduled OSCE grading assignments
    • View and select a colleague’s grading assignment


  • Assessor Station Grading
    • View Exam Taker schedule for a given OSCE station
    • View instructional materials for the assigned station
    • Grade individual Exam Takers


  • Scoring and Reporting
    • Exam taker performance data is available as a .csv export
    • Summary score of performance by station
    • OSCE performance data is not integrated into the ExamSoft Portal

Rubrics in ExamSoft Legacy Portal

For clients who choose to utilize the ExamSoft Legacy Portal, the following assessment capabilities are included with ExamSCORE.

Rubric Creation
Users with appropriate permissions may create Rubrics for use in grading assigned work.

  • Create Rubric
  • Define column names and point values
  • Define dimensions (rows), including weighting
  • Tag dimensions with one or more Categories

Once created, Rubrics can be utilized for grading of Performance Assessments and Essay Questions delivered via Examplify.

Performance Assessment – Posting
Users with appropriate permissions may create a “Performance Grading” Assessment, which can be graded manually or using one or more rubrics.

  • Create “Performance Assessment”
  • Select whether to grade via raw points or via one or more rubrics
  • Post assessment to Exam Takers

Performance Assessment – Student File  Upload
If required, Exam Takers may provide a link or upload one or more files to be graded, depending on settings enabled.

  • View scheduled assignments via the ExamSoft Portal
  • Provide required information, based on settings enabled

Performance Assessment – Grading
As assignments are completed, Users may grade assessments using the selected method (i.e., raw points vs rubrics)

  • Assign graders by Exam Taker and by Rubric (if multiple Rubrics are enabled)
  • Completed grading assignments within the ExamSoft Portal
  • Select scoring options once all rubric grading assignments are completed

Essay Grading
Rubrics may also be utilized in grading essay questions for assessments delivered via Examplify.

  • Define scoring method (points vs rubrics) for individual Essay Questions
    • If Rubrics are selected, assign one or more rubrics to be used in grading
    • If multiple Rubrics are selected, define Rubric weighting
  • When manually grading essay questions, complete assigned Rubric(s) to generate score, or enter a point score if Rubrics are not enabled and selected

Performance Grading assessment result data are included within ExamSoft Portal reports

  • View standard ExamSoft reports, including Summary Report, Exam Taker Results, Category Reports, and Strengths and Opportunities
  • View Rubric Analysis report to view performance details on the rubrics themselves


Product Access is contingent on the following prerequisites:

  • ExamSoft Core Platform – required for use of ExamSCORE
    • ExamSoft Legacy Portal required for use of Rubrics in ExamSoft Legacy Portal
  • Device compliance with published MSRs