ExamID™ – Auto-Identity Verification


ExamID is an exam integrity tool added to an existing Exam Taker license that confirms Exam Takers’ identities prior to allowing access to an assessment using Examplify. By verifying an Exam Taker’s identity, ExamID deters exam-taker impersonation, while streamlining exam check-in and verification processes.

Exhibit A Product/Service Names

The following Product/Service names include the capabilities defined in this specification

  • ExamID

Detailed Specifications

ExamID Enablement

Access to ExamID is controlled through the User management capabilities of the ExamSoft Portal. Users have the ability to control when ExamID is used for assessments.

  • Access to ExamID is controlled through user permissions
  • ExamID may be enabled for individual assessment postings based on User permissions

Identity Verification

When enabled, ExamID validates Exam Taker identity prior to assessment access

  • Exam Takers are notified of recording, required to provide consent, and required to grant access to their device webcam prior to their first ExamID-enabled assessment start
    • unless provided with a resume code to enable them to bypass the feature
  • Photo capture of Exam Taker facial image using device camera
  • Real-time validation of captured image against stored baseline image
  • Faculty may provide an override code to permit exam access in the event of manual identity verification


Users with appropriate permissions may access ExamID results via the ExamSoft Portal

  • View whether individual Exam Takers passed or failed ID verification
  • View captured pictures of Exam Takers
  • Exam Taker images will be retained for a period of time as specified in the ExamSoft Privacy Policy


  • Product Access is contingent on the following prerequisites:
  • ExamSoft Core Platform – required for use of ExamID
    • Examplify (Win + Mac) required for use
  • Device compliance with published MSRs
    • Internet access is required at Exam start for ExamID

Alternative Product Names

The following alternative Product/Service names also include the capabilities defined in this specificationExamID (initial setup)

  • Exam Bundle
    • Product Bundle includes ExamNow, ExamID, and ExamSCORE
    • ExamBundle (initial setup)