Formative Assessment in Legal Education

Utilizing formative assessment can be very beneficial for law schools. Formative assessments provide students and faculty with the feedback they need to understand how well each student is absorbing course content and provide direction on specific areas to improve upon. Watch this webinar to learn how one institution is leveraging the power of data to transform the learning process for its students.

The Use of Formative Assessment in Legal Education

Presenter: Tommy Sangchompuphen, Associate Dean for Student Learning and Assessment

Institution: Lincoln Memorial University – Duncan School of Law


  • Explain the new ABA standards regarding learning outcomes and assessment
  • Describe types of assessments
    • Formative assessments
    • Summative assessments
    • Diagnostic assessments
  • Illustrate how using ExamSoft can assist with assessment, evaluation, decision-making and keeping up with ABA standards


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Published: January 29, 2019

Updated: July 8, 2022

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