Strategies for Student Success (EAC 2021)

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This Pecha Kucha session was composed of three sub-sessions:

Awakening Confidence in the Unconfident Student

Learning is not a concrete process, but one of fluidity. For students that mentally self-speak the negative about their academic achievement, cognitively, they may impair their own abilities to learn. Hence, nurse educators must waken confidence in the unconfident student.

After attending this session participants will be able to:

  • Identify ways to engage learners in introspectively identifying negative self-talk.
  • Explain to students the harm of negative self-talk.
  • Determine how they impair their own learning by not viewing themselves as capable and able to successfully complete nursing school.

Differences in Undergraduate Nursing Student Exam Scores After Implementation of a New Exam Review Policy

Posttest exam reviews can be challenging in nursing education due to a variety of issues such as exam security and students focusing on memorizing content. An exam review policy was implemented in one undergraduate nursing program that stated students would only receive a detailed strengths and opportunities report with specific topics and categories missed. Research was conducted to examine data from six core undergraduate nursing courses. Data were analyzed to determine if there was a difference in scores prior to and after implementation of the exam review policy. The findings suggest there is no major difference in exam scores.

After attending this session participants will be able to:

  • Describe the implementation process of a new exam review policy
  • Discuss the challenges to implementing a new exam review policy
  • Examine student exam score data before and after the implementation of an exam review policy
  • Explore the implications of the data analysis on the exam review policy

Exam Post Mortem: v Improving Student Test Performance Using ExamSoft Data

We will share how we use ExamSoft data to conduct a post mortem analysis of medical student exam performance to identify student testing strength and weaknesses. We will also share how we use this information to help students become metacognitive about their learning and testing and how we create individual study and testing improvement plans.

After viewing this session participants will be able to:

  • Identify data used to identify student strength and weaknesses regarding testing and study strategies
  • Understand a strategy to use the data to develop individualized study and testing improvement plans
  • Understand how we share this information with students

Published: July 16, 2021

Updated: March 15, 2023

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