Teacher-Led Study and Testing Strategies Sessions to Enhance Student Success (EAC 2021)

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Current teaching and evaluation strategies in nursing education focus on the nursing process, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and Bloom’s taxonomy, but a disconnect between learning and exam application still exists. Discover how obstetric faculty of a mid-sized, southeastern university’s College of Nursing, using ExamSoft psychometrics, created teacher-led study and testing strategy sessions to enhance student success. This 90-minute workshop will introduce participants to structured study session concepts. Participants will engage in a faculty-led study session and learn to adapt them for their own use by creating discipline-specific materials. Looking ahead, considerations for Next Generation NCLEX will also be discussed.

After viewing this session, participants will be able to:

1. Identify major components of teacher-led study and testing strategies.

2. Adapt these concepts for their own by creating discipline-specific materials.

3. Consider future needs related to Next Generation NCLEX item types and how these can be covered in study sessions to enhance student success.

The interactive workshop will be broken down into four components:

1. Historical information related to the creation of teacher-led sessions. This includes recognition of need, how ExamSoft helped us learn about student deficits, and how psychometrics can be used to determine efficacy of sessions. We will introduce examples of a study session already created and used by students and how this has impacted our course.
2. Participation of group in a general session (non-discipline specific), answered through chat, so that they get the information from a student point-of-view.
3. Facilitated discussion with practice materials that allows participants to apply what they have learned and adapt these techniques to their course.
4. Discussion of consideration for Next Generation NCLEX item types.