Using Assessment Data to Improve Curriculum Mapping and Assessment Practices (EAC 2021)

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Establishing a comprehensive curriculum map is a key component of creating a highly effective curriculum. Evaluating student performance based on each component of the curriculum map is an essential element of assessing curriculum effectiveness and facilitating continuous curriculum improvement. This session will share how a pharmacy program leveraged data available from assessment technologies (ExamSoft, Canvas, Enflux) to create a comprehensive course assessment report for faculty to evaluate the effectiveness and assessment alignment. The presenter will also share how aggregate course data was presented to faculty to facilitate a review of the effectiveness of a newly implemented curriculum.

This session will:

  • Discuss assessment practices that empower faculty to play a key role in curriculum assessment and continuous curriculum improvement.
  • Identify methods for leveraging existing assessment technology to assess curriculum effectiveness at the course and program level.
  • Create an action plan to use available assessment data to create a course assessment review process