That’s a Wrap: EAC 2021 Virtual


Britt Nichols, SVP of ExamSoft

First, thank you to everyone who attended our event, ExamSoft Assessment Conference (EAC), last month. As you all know by now, this year the annual event was entirely online. This was new for us – and for you – and yet, it was one of our most successful conferences to date. More than 1,300 of you attended – our best turnout ever. We had attendees from 26 different countries, making this year’s event the most global in EAC history. That’s the beauty of a virtual event – it’s more accessible to all. 

Of course, we know there are things many of you missed about an in-person event, and we hope to have the opportunity to see you all again in person soon. 

We’re still in the process of receiving your feedback from the surveys (if you attended, but haven’t filled out the survey, please do so), but we can report that we’ve heard many positive things about the Wednesday Workshops for clients. Many of you reported enjoying the keynotes and the documentary screenings. Below are some thoughts from attendees:

  • “It was very convenient for me using a virtual format, and the price was great for this year. If it would have been an in-person format, I would not have been able to attend.”
  • “The online format allowed me to attend, when I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise due to time and funding. Whova app worked well. Hearing what strategies work well for other schools is great.”
  • “Thought provoking. It made me think about our university and if we are student-centered and focused on all the student needs.” [Dr. Gianina Baker’s keynote]

We know EAC is one of the few places and ways you have the opportunity to discuss assessment as a practice and discipline with your peers from around the world. Assessment teams are often small – sometimes just one or two people for a given department or program, so there isn’t much opportunity to bounce ideas off of other assessment professionals in your immediate area. We value being a source of networking and collaboration for all of you. 

Thank you again to those of you who attended and presented, and we hope to see you soon.


Britt Nichols,
SVP, ExamSoft

Published: July 12, 2021

Updated: January 7, 2022

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