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Topic: Program Efficiency


Benefits of a Secure Remote Assessment Platform for International Law Schools

As we proceed with the new normal, many aspects of our lives have changed to a remote-first philosophy, including work, school, and even social gatherings. Law schools are no different. And even as things open up, ins...

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Processes and Strategies for Effective ExamSoft Use (EAC 2021)

This Pecha Kucha session consists of three sub-sessions: Legacy Jedi to Enterprise Noob: Top Tips for Those Who are Transitioning Between Platforms or New to Enterprise Swapping platform can be a big deal, but it is e...

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ExamSoft Data Benefits: Accreditation, Teaching and Learning, Student Success (EAC 2021)

This Pecha Kucha session consists of three sub-sessions: A Machine-Learning Approach to Predict NCLEX-RNA Outcomes: Harnessing the Power of ExamSoft First-time NCLEX-RN® pass rates remain the foremost measure of quali...

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We Were Approved for ExamSoft! Now What? (EAC 2021)

Establishing an ExamSoft program within an institution can be a daunting experience. Learn how a large midwestern School of Nursing program with 800 students established their program in the Enterprise portal. The pre...

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Using Assessment Data to Improve Curriculum Mapping and Assessment Practices (EAC 2021)

Establishing a comprehensive curriculum map is a key component of creating a highly effective curriculum. Evaluating student performance based on each component of the curriculum map is an essential element of assessi...

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Teacher-Led Study and Testing Strategies Sessions to Enhance Student Success (EAC 2021)

Current teaching and evaluation strategies in nursing education focus on the nursing process, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and Bloom’s taxonomy, but a disconnect between learning and exam application still exists. Dis...

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Preferred Provider Session: ScholarRX and ExamSoft (EAC 2021)

Matt Harris, Vice President of Academic Solutions at ScholarRX, and Jerick Togami, Associate Director of New Products and Partnerships at ExamSoft, discuss how ExamSoft and ScholarRX have partnered together to bring c...

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Preferred Provider Session: Apple and ExamSoft (EAC 2021)

Dr. Tara Serwetnyk and Dr. Joseph Gomulak-Cavicchio discuss how to best utilize ExamSoft and Examplify applications to their fullest utilizing the advanced and user-friendly Apple Products.

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Modified Angoff Standard Setting as a Means to Evaluate Competence, Provide Feedback, and Inform Remediation (EAC 2021)

Wingate University School of Pharmacy uses summative annual skills mastery assessments (ASMA) to evaluate longitudinal mastery, retention, and practice readiness. ASMA cut scores are determined by the modified Angoff ...

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Assessment Trends in 2021 with Dr. Gianina Baker (EAC 2021)

On the second day of EAC 2021, Dr. Gianina Baker, the acting director at the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA), delivered her keynote. She invited attendees to reflect on lessons learned this...

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How I Became a Better Teacher During the Time of COVID -19 (EAC 2021)

Over 500 year-two medical students attended problem-based learning session designed using clinical reasoning. This session compares exam questions performance on lecture session versus problem-based learning. Learning...

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From Curriculum Tasks to Accreditation Applications: An Example of a Streamlined Integration of ExamSoft Legacy Platform (EAC 2021)

Accreditation agencies require clear evidence of students’ successful progress through the curriculum for a program to achieve successful accreditation. To address this requirement, a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) progr...

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ExamSoft Longitudinal Reports to Support Academic Advising, Curricular Improvement and Accreditation (EAC 2021)

ExamSoft longitudinal reports can be a very useful tool in conjunction with category tagging. These reports can help support course and curriculum improvements, bringing consistency between courses and faculty while s...

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ExamSoft Assessment Solutions + You (EAS+Y) (EAC 2021)

In this session, Dr. Divya Bheda, Director of Education and Assessment, conducts a Q&A-style presentation to explain ExamSoft’s EAS+Y portfolio consulting services that help support clients and their needs.

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Eleven Departments – Three Campuses – One ExamSoft (EAC 2021)

During this 45-minute presentation, learners will gain insight into how an institution with three campuses, eleven departments, 784 employees, and 3,136 students maneuver through onboarding to the ExamSoft Enterprise ...

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Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive Testing Program as a Cornerstone for Successful Outcomes (EAC 2021)

Many characteristics of a nursing program serve as measures of successful outcomes. More than ever one of these measurements is NCLEX first time pass rates. A comprehensive testing program integrated across the curric...

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Creating Formative Assignments Using Digital Testing Software to Strengthen Student Self-Efficacy (EAC 2021)

NGN expects nursing graduates to demonstrate clinical competence through problem solving and clinical judgements. This assignment took writing objectives and transformed them to serve as a guide to writing alternate s...

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Blueprints Spin Me Right Round (EAC 2021)

This hands-on session will leave you with the skills you need to build a blueprint that you will be able to use for any exam you have to build and improve it annually. You will have the building blocks to make a great...