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Topic: Accreditation


Streamline ABA Accreditation with a Secure Assessment Platform

Two things are critical for law schools in the United States: meeting ABA accreditation standards and improving Bar outcomes for their students. An all-in-one digital assessment platform can help realize both of these...

Case Study

William Carey University — School of Pharmacy

When William Carey’s School of Pharmacy opened its doors in 2018, its faculty recognized the importance of data and reporting to programmatic success. The school adopted ExamSoft to deliver assessments for its acceler...

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ExamSoft Data Benefits: Accreditation, Teaching and Learning, Student Success (EAC 2021)

This Pecha Kucha session consists of three sub-sessions: A Machine-Learning Approach to Predict NCLEX-RNA Outcomes: Harnessing the Power of ExamSoft First-time NCLEX-RN® pass rates remain the foremost measure of quali...

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Nursing Accreditation Goes Virtual: How to Survive and Thrive (EAC 2021)

Virtual Accreditation…each of these words individually has the power to invoke very emotional responses within the world of nursing education but together they can send even the most experienced faculty into a s...

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Leveraging Assessments to Enhance Retention and Prepare for Integrated Board Examinations (EAC 2021)

This presentation will detail how Rutgers School of Dental Medicine (RSDM) leverages ExamSoft to promote the integration of basic, behavioral, and clinical science. The presentation will review the relevant accreditat...

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From Curriculum Tasks to Accreditation Applications: An Example of a Streamlined Integration of ExamSoft Legacy Platform (EAC 2021)

Accreditation agencies require clear evidence of students’ successful progress through the curriculum for a program to achieve successful accreditation. To address this requirement, a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) progr...


How ExamSoft Can Help Improve Board and Licensure Pass Rates

For more than 20 years, ExamSoft has been harnessing the power of data to transform learning and assessments in a range of degree programs, helping graduates improve exam pass rates. The platform also provides faculty...


How Category Tagging Can Help You, Your Students, and Your Program

Category tagging — or connecting individual exam items to specific content areas such as accreditation standards, learning outcomes, and programmatic objectives — is not only beneficial to students, but to exam-makers...

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Accreditation from Three Perspectives

Accreditation standards are central to academic excellence, but they can also bring curricular deficiencies to light. Hear from institutional leaders as they share accreditation-related insights and strategies for imp...


Anticipating Accreditation

5 Steps for a Smooth Accreditation Visit Learn Strategies for Streamlining the Accreditation Process Read the ExamSoft eBook, Anticipating Accreditation, for a set of preemptive measures administrators can use to prep...


Why Assessment Still Matters in an Online Education Environment

As many institutions of higher learning (IHEs) quickly transitioned to emergency remote learning in the spring of 2020, the focus was often on completing the semester with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). While faculty...

Case Study

LMU Law School

Lincoln Memorial University’s law school opened its doors in 2009. As a new and growing program, in a region and at a school that attracts many first-generation college students, LMU wanted to put all the right tools ...

Case Study

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

As pharmacy accreditation standards became more stringent, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences adopted ExamSoft to collect and analyze data on student outcomes. ExamSoft delivered on the data and so much m...

Case Study

Arizona College

Founded in 1991, Arizona College currently has eight campuses in four states – Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Florida and aggressive plans for growth. By 2025, the school plans to have at least 20 campuses dedicated to p...


Five Ways ExamSoft Helps with Nursing Education

You need an assessment tool that gives your nursing program an edge in successful education. Lucky for you, ExamSoft is that assessment tool. With a combination of streamlined exam creation, secure offline delivery, a...


Closing the Loop: Telling the Entire Accreditation Story

Whether your site visit is next week or five years from now, accreditation is something all institutions need to have on their minds. Therefore, proactively mapping your curriculum while being conscious of accreditati...


How Mapping Assessment Items Can Make Your Life Easier

Implementing a new educational technology takes time and energy—two things in short supply for just about everyone these days. If you’re going to put the time in to learn how to do things a new way, there needs to be ...

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ExamSoft Demonstration Video

  ExamSoft’s suite of assessment software provides educators with the tools needed to bank exam items, create, deliver, and grade exams, and then report on student, course, and program performance. With unparalle...