Map™ – Curriculum Mapping Tool


Map provides web-based capabilities for defining and managing curriculum documents, including tracking relationships between curriculum and accreditation standards or institutional objectives.

Exhibit A Product/Service Names

The following Product/Service names include the capabilities defined in this specification

  • Map
  • Map (initial setup)

Detailed Specifications

Map includes the ability to manage Documents, define relationships between multiple Documents, visualize the relationships between Documents, and archive point-in-time snapshots of that data.

Document Management

Client Users may add, edit, and delete Documents, which are used to define Curriculum, Accreditation Standards, Institutional Objectives, etc.

  • Create new documents from web portal UI
    • Documents contain hierarchical lists of tracked items, such as Courses and Learning Objectives
  • Edit or Delete existing Documents

Document Mapping

Once two or more Documents are defined, Users may map them to each other by defining relationships between individual items in each document

  • Select two documents at a time for mapping
  • Select individual items from each document to map them to each other


Users may visualize or export relationships between mapped documents to ensure that Curriculum address all required standards

  • Select Primary and Secondary documents for review
  • Visualize relationships between Primary and Secondary documents
  • Export relationships to a .csv file


Users may save a snapshot of current-state data in order to track progression of curriculum coverage over time

  • Save a dated archive of all Documents & Mapping
  • Restore archive in order to visualize or export documents and data relationships


Product Access is contingent on the following prerequisites:

  • ExamSoft Core Platform – required for use of Map
  • User compliance with published MSRs