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Locked Down Browser vs. Complete Device Control

There are different testing solutions educators can choose from when it comes to exam security technology. Choices like browser-based exam security, also called a locked down browser or exam browser, can seem like a s...

Maximizing Exam Security

Maximizing Exam Security with Remote Proctoring

Students at all levels of education are expected to uphold the highest levels of academic integrity, from enrollment to graduation. But the responsibility to minimize cheating and ensure exam integrity ultimately fall...


The Benefits of Using Publisher Content in Conjunction with an Assessment Software

Pairing Publisher Content with a Student Assessment Software If you’ve found this website, you already know a great assessment platform when you see it. However, when you pair great software with high-quality content,...


How to Improve Programmatic Results by Focusing on High-Need Students

If only time wasn’t a limited resource. How much could faculty members accomplish if they were able to give direct and personalized attention to every single student throughout the semester? That would be the ideal, b...

Connecting LMS to ExamSoft

Why You Need an Assessment Tool on Top of Your LMS

Learning management systems (LMS) have a lot to offer teachers and students alike. They can help keep all course materials in one, easy-to-access location and give students the ability to collaborate on group projects...


The Benefits of a One-Stop Testing Platform

Of course you feel spread thin. Professors have to fit so much into each day to meet the many obligations that come with the job: preparing lesson plans, preparing lectures, giving lectures, writing exams, administeri...


Exploring Assessment Technology’s Impact on Undergraduate Education

Over the previous 40 years, higher education has begun to adopt innovative technologies in an attempt to better educate students and holistically optimize the assessment process. However, many undergraduate programs h...


Are Your Law School Exams Secure Enough?

You’d like to think that any student who does the work required to get into law school and pays tuition each semester would know better than to cheat. Nonetheless, it happens. It’s cliché to say it, but it’s true: che...


Why You Should Use Categories for Curriculum Guidance

If you’re using ExamSoft, then you’re probably already using categories in your exam creation and grading to provide students with more informative feedback. Category tagging proves a powerful tool for directing your ...

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How Not to Use Assessments: Common Mishaps Implementing Formative Assessments and How to Correct Them

Instruct. Assess. Feedback. Repeat. This is the timeless methodology of formative assessment applied, in some way, in all levels of education. The application of this process is continuously subject to change based on...

Bloom's Taxonomy - Writing Learning Objectives That Measure Up

Bloom’s Taxonomy (Part 3): Writing Learning Objectives That Measure Up

As we learned in Bloom’s Taxonomy (Part 2), the benefits of using Bloom’s in assessment are twofold – helping educators to both measure student learning and make necessary adjustments to improve student learning. Whil...

Bloom’s Taxonomy in Assessment

Bloom’s Taxonomy (Part 2): Using Bloom’s Taxonomy in Assessment

Now that we know what Bloom’s Taxonomy is, it’s time to discuss a few helpful tips for applying the framework to assessments as a means of gaining insight into learning comprehension. Tips for Applying Bloom’s Taxonom...

Bloom’s Taxonomy Basics

Bloom’s Taxonomy (Part 1): Bloom’s Basics

Before a new semester begins, it’s important that educators reassess their curriculum. Have the learning objectives changed? How well do students retain the information and how do they demonstrate their knowledge? Is ...


Data-Driven Educational Assessments Using Longitudinal Analysis

When it comes to data-driven educational assessments, one of the bigger challenges for educators is measuring how teaching methods and course design are quantitatively impacting student learning. ExamSoft’s computer-b...


Testimonials: How Students Benefit from Using ExamSoft

ExamSoft’s education software provides unmatched support for faculty, staff, and administration with a comprehensive solution to manage and optimize student assessments. It’s an invaluable platform for students as wel...

What is Summative Assessment

What Is Summative Assessment?

When people think of assessments, they may envision a number of high-stakes exam scenarios — from sitting for SATs and mid-terms to taking final exams and licensure tests. While there are many different types of stude...


Five Ways ExamSoft Helps with Nursing Education

You need an assessment tool that gives your nursing program an edge in successful education. Lucky for you, ExamSoft is that assessment tool. With a combination of streamlined exam creation, secure offline delivery, a...


ExamSoft for Pharmacy Programs

How Does ExamSoft Help Pharmacy Educators? Simple. Our intuitive platform helps pharmacy educators efficiently assess objective and subjective assignments, while providing specific performance reports that help meet a...