Locked Down Browser vs. Complete Device Control


There are different testing solutions educators can choose from when it comes to exam security technology. Choices like browser-based exam security, also called a locked down browser or exam browser, can seem like a straightforward solution for eliminating academic dishonesty. The problem is that relying on a locked down browser to protect the integrity of your exams comes with multiple drawbacksincluding the security itself.

Infographic: Comparing a Locked Down Browser to Complete Device Control

A locked down browser or similar exam browser software introduces new problems for both exam takers and program instructors—and they’re based on the way the software functions. 

Review this infographic for a glimpse into how a locked down browser can fall short of providing true exam security when compared to complete device control. Then download the complete eBook to learn more.

Locked down browser infographic

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The most reliable exam security solutions should maintain a controlled testing environment without depending on a constant internet connection. What’s more, an assessment platform should also allow educators to effectively minimize academic dishonesty while accurately evaluating student performance data and providing timely feedback for faster remediation. The reality is browser-based exam security isn’t enough to do it all. 

Download the complete eBook today to learn more about the three common problems of browser-based exam security.

Published: May 8, 2020

Updated: January 4, 2022

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