Why You Need an Assessment Tool on Top of Your LMS

Connecting LMS to ExamSoft

Learning management systems (LMS) have a lot to offer teachers and students alike. They can help keep all course materials in one, easy-to-access location and give students the ability to collaborate on group projects. Many LMS platforms also offer testing capabilities, but they often have limitations.

Most LMSs weren’t designed with exam administration in mind. When it’s just a feature included in a larger product, you won’t get the sophisticated features and intentional design that you do with a product created specifically for computer-based testing.

ExamSoft’s all-in-one assessment solution equips institutions and exam administrators with robust reporting and analytics tools. With advanced security features to preserve assessment integrity, ExamSoft provides reliable data to help drive decision-making. Beyond delivering assessment as a measure of learning, ExamSoft’s platform serves as a valuable learning tool for instructors.

Creating, administering, and grading tests — and collecting assessment data within ExamSoft — are all efficient, secure, easy processes. Even better, ExamSoft is compatible with most major LMSs.

The simple integration with an LMS allows you to use a better assessment product and keep the data it produces within the same application you use for everything else.

Four Benefits of Connecting Your LMS with an Assessment Tool

If you’re wondering whether or not integrating your LMS with ExamSoft will be beneficial, consider the following:

    1. ExamSoft is more secure than LMS testing applications.
      Our clients prefer to use ExamSoft for testing, rather than sticking with an LMS, because of the greater exam security it provides. Once your students start taking their exams, ExamSoft locks down everything on their devices except for the exam itself until all answers are submitted. ExamSoft offers security features, such as technology-enabled monitoring and the ability to randomize questions and answers, that promote academic integrity. LMS testing solutions don’t offer the same level of security, often relying on 3rd-party plug-ins.
    2. ExamSoft keeps all your important data and notes in one location.
      One of the biggest benefits of an LMS is that it keeps all of your course content and information in one place. Having to use a separate software for assessments can be an inconvenience when you’re used to using one software solution for all your needs. ExamSoft connects seamlessly with most major LMS platforms — including Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle — so all of your instructional tools remain in one place. ExamSoft can push finalized exam scores directly to a designated LMS gradebook, allowing you to view your assessment scores alongside your other grades and materials.
    3. ExamSoft’s reporting tools make your data actionable.
      An LMS can be useful for organizing your assignments and assessments into a single gradebook, but often lacks the reporting capabilities necessary to provide meaningful data for students, faculty, or administrators.
    4. It’s easy.
      ExamSoft is designed to fit seamlessly into your assessment process and has a low impact on campus infrastructure. Delivering exams in the offline mode reduces the demand on bandwidth and eliminates interruptions due to unstable WiFi during an exam — students only need internet access to download the exam file and upload the answer file once the exam is complete. By providing a consistent experience for all exam-takers, ExamSoft’s offline mode helps to ensure equity of access and ease of use. The integration itself is simple and only requires a one-time setup with ExamSoft’s team. We designed our LMS process to be intuitive to both you and your students, and we have support staff available to answer any questions you might have.

Learning Management Systems that Work with ExamSoft

ExamSoft works with many of the most popular LMS platforms, including:

  • Canvas
  • D2L
  • Moodle
  • Blackboard

For more information on integrating ExamSoft with your current LMS, get in touch today.

Published: August 20, 2019

Updated: February 7, 2022

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