ExamSoft for Pharmacy Programs


How Does ExamSoft Help Pharmacy Educators?

Simple. Our intuitive platform helps pharmacy educators efficiently assess objective and subjective assignments, while providing specific performance reports that help meet accreditation standards and support student learning overall.

The exam efficiency you want.
ExamSoft’s embedded-assessment tool allows faculty to focus on teaching by covering exam management from question creation to item analysis at the touch of a button.

The exam data you need.
ExamSoft supports efforts to meet ACPE accreditation standards with real-time performance reports that prove your pharmacy program is hitting the mark.

ExamSoft has teamed up with Kaplan to provide pharmacy educators with the high-quality content AND the robust assessment software used for your clinical evaluation processes. Vetted OSCE cases and their associated rubrics, pre-tagged and uploaded into the ExamSoft Portal, automatically save faculty time and provide your program with the peace of mind knowing your exam content is assessing your students appropriately.

Benefits for Pharmacy Educators

  • Improved student learning outcomes
  • Increase faculty productivity
  • Improve student retention
  • Remediate students at the right time
  • Accreditation compliance

How We Help Pharmacy Programs

Take advantage of an easier assessment process that allows you to pinpoint weak areas in student learning.

  • Eliminate wasted time spent managing, scoring, and rescoring pharmacy exams with the click of a mouse.
  • Quickly create personalized detailed feedback for pharmacy students.
  • Help faculty easily identify remediation needs, by learning outcome, for each student.

ExamSoft helps pharmacy educators get the most out of assessment with features that help make the entire process more valuable, including providing students with personalized feedback on the spot.

  • Address learning weaknesses on the spot with real-time performance reports.
  • Help pharmacy students identify exactly where they are struggling with exam results broken down by course, program, or NAPLEX learning outcomes.
  • Use personalized to help students become more self-sufficient in their study habits.

Track the Success of Learning Objectives

Assessing your curriculum is just as important as assessing the skills of your students. ExamSoft’s category function allows pharmacy educators to tag exam items with learning objectives to measure the effectiveness of course goals.

  • Use detailed faculty reports to accurately measure curriculum success.
  • Set specific objectives to mirror core competencies included in the NAPLEX.
  • Tie exam items to measure learning outcomes that meet specific accreditation standards.

Show Proof of Student Learning

Easily provide proof of student learning within specific learning objectives or outcomes.

  • Leverage both formative and summative assessments to identify outcome gaps earlier in the semester.
  • Blueprint exams by course and programmatic outcomes.
  • Leverage end-of-exam reviews to help pharmacy students better understand performance immediately after an exam.

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Published: March 14, 2019

Updated: January 11, 2022

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