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Advanced Exam
Security for
Government Programs

Administer Exams with the Highest Level of Security Available

ExamSoft has the wide range of experience to help government programs administer exams with the highest level of platform security and stability available. Government programs now get the comprehensive support to streamline the entire exam process—from exam creation and delivery to data collection, organization, and results analysis.

Whether a government program holds multiple exams or one-time annual exams for certification purposes, ExamSoft is the trusted platform that handles it all. Get the power to create the most secure testing environment possible and start generating superior analytics that can help improve government exams and ensure the success of all exam takers.

Ensuring Government Programs Are Efficient as Possible

ExamSoft provides the flexibility for government programs to host exams where and when the administrator wants. As the complete digital exam solution, it’s now simpler and more practical to host an exam simultaneously across multiple sites for government programs that operate from more than one location.

  • Choose from multiple assessment types that fit the needs of the program
  • Instantly grade exams upon completion with customizable grading/scoring options
  • Test anywhere, at any time, and on multiple devices without compromising security
  • Collect and analyze detailed performance data at the individual or program level
  • Fully compatible with iPad for convenience and in-the field testing
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The Most Advanced and Most Reliable Security Features

ExamSoft utilizes military-grade encryption and full device lock-down features that work to maintain the integrity of exam answer files, providing government programs the most secure testing environment available.

  • The testing application operates offline without the use of a WiFi connection, eliminating broadband issues during the exam
  • Screenshot capabilities are blocked on any device to prevent the digital capture of test questions
  • All questions and answers can be automatically randomized to prevent memorizing and sharing of answers
  • Exams are safely uploaded straight to a secure online portal hosted by ExamSoft upon completion
  • Administrators are granted full control over the exam and all testing options from start to finish in order to eliminate tampering