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ExamSoft is the Trusted Platform for Administering Bar Exams

ExamSoft has the proven and long-running track record for administering state bar exams with the highest level of platform security and stability available. With our easy-to-use testing application that operates offline without the use of WiFi, ExamSoft is the digital solution that allows organizations to worry less about the logistics of delivering high-stakes exams.

ExamSoft is the Advanced and Trusted Solution for State Bar Exams
  • Security: Military-grade encryption and device lock-down features maintain the integrity of exam answer files, providing a secure environment for bar applicants.
  • Automation: The bar exam process is easy and accurate with auto-fill applicant numbers and separation of all essay responses for easy printing or online scoring.
  • Auditing: ExamSoft provides records of all uploads (returned answer files), snapshots of applicant responses, and extensive logging information for auditing purposes.
  • Exam Results Process: ExamSoft provides full-service printing with rapid turnaround or offers help with printing answer files yourself, exporting files to PDF, or online grading.
  • Support: 24/7 telephone support and on-site support services are available for all bar examiners and bar applicants.
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Examplify Lets Bar Applicants Focus on the Content—Not the Test

Examplify, part of the ExamSoft core platform, is the testing application that significantly improves security, stability, and efficiency during state bar exams. Examplify exams are delivered offline without the need for a WiFi connection, eliminating any broadband issues during the bar exam.

  • Protect the integrity of the bar with security features that lock down a bar applicant’s entire device
  • Ensure access to other device applications and the Internet is completely blocked during the bar exam
  • Better accommodate the specific or unique needs of bar applicants
  • Quickens the ability to print answer files with the option of full-service printing by ExamSoft
  • Compatible with the newest remote proctoring and digital identification tools, in addition to virtually all Mac and PC laptop models
  • Intuitive and user-friendly design makes using the testing application easy