How to Leverage Education Technology to Improve Learning and Assessments


With the right education technology, educators can streamline the entire process of administering both summative assessments and formative assessments. Faculty and educators may reduce the stress of cumbersome administrative work, focusing more time on teaching and improving student learning.

ExamSoft is education technology purposefully designed to make creating and managing assessments simple.

1. Save Time with Importing and Item Banking
Manually entering individual exam items into a software program is a tedious, time-consuming process. With ExamSoft, it’s quick and easy to import questions from a word document or learning management system (LMS). Add questions to the item bank and make creating future exams even easier, year over year.

2. Review Student Performance at a Glance
Faculty and staff collect valuable performance data from a single, intuitive platform. ExamSoft gives users the capability to categorize exam items and connect them to specific learning outcomes. With just a glance, educators can review assessment results and determine how well students are performing, providing opportunities for immediate student remediation.

3. Quickly Pull Reports for Accreditation Visits
ExamSoft makes it easy to navigate the assessment platform and pull customizable reports for accreditation visits. Faculty and staff will have all detailed and accurate reporting required to prove student, course, and program success. Show accreditation bodies proper alignment of course material being taught, student learning outcomes, and the assessments provided throughout the course.

ExamSoft is education technology that brings together a range of capabilities from exam creation and item banking to exam grading and quick reporting. All combined in one platform to help educators spend less time creating and managing formative assessments and summative assessments.

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