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Why You Need an Assessment Tool on Top of Your LMS

Learning management systems have a lot to offer teachers. They can help you store all your lessons and material in one place. They give you a way to provide all your assignments to students in one centralized location. They enable more collaboration between students for group projects. They even usually provide testing capabilities within the tool itself, but there are limitations to doing your testing within an LMS.

The fact is, your LMS wasn’t designed specifically with exam administration in mind. When it’s just one more feature included in a larger product, rather than the main purpose of the product, you won’t get the sophisticated features and design that you do with a product devoted specifically to computer-based testing.

ExamSoft was designed with one primary purpose in mind: providing schools and teachers with the means to offer secure computer-based testing to students.

That singular focus means the product does its job very well. Creating tests, administering them, grading them, and collecting assessment data within ExamSoft are all efficient, secure, easy processes. Even better, ExamSoft is compatible with most of the commonly used LMSs.

You can use a better assessment product and still keep the data it produces contained within the space that’s used for everything else.

Three Benefits of Integrating Your LMS with an Assessment Tool

If you’re worried about whether the integration of an assessment tool like ExamSoft with your LMS is worth the trouble, here are three benefits that should make it worth your while:

    1. Exam software is more secure than testing through an LMS.
      Our clients prefer to use ExamSoft for testing, rather than sticking with an LMS, because of the greater exam security it provides. Once your students start taking their exams, ExamSoft locks down everything on their devices except for the exam itself until all answers are submitted. It makes it easy to randomize the question order so that students looking over their neighbor’s shoulder won’t be able to find the answers they seek.
      Your LMS can’t do all that on its own, but if you use ExamSoft with your LMS, it can.
    2. It keeps all your important data and notes centralized.
      One of the biggest benefits of an LMS is that it keeps everything you do and use in one place. Having to use a separate software—log into independently and transfer information from one platform to another—can feel like a huge inconvenience when you’re used to sticking with one software solution for all your needs.
      By integrating ExamSoft with your LMS, you don’t lose that. You can create exams within ExamSoft without having to leave your LMS, and the automated assessment data ExamSoft produces after you grade will be viewable within the same screen where you keep all your other important data.
    3. It’s easy.
      The integration itself is simple, and the learning curve on getting started with ExamSoft is minimal. We designed it to be intuitive to both you and your students, and we have support staff available to answer any questions you might have as they come up.

The Learning Management Systems that Work with ExamSoft

ExamSoft works with all of the most popular LMS platforms. If your school uses any of the following, integration with ExamSoft should be no trouble:

  • Canvas
  • D2L
  • Moodle
  • Blackboard
  • Pearson

For more information on purchasing ExamSoft or on how integrating it with your LMS works, get in touch and we’ll talk you through it.

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