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User Guide - Remote Proctoring

Understanding the Do’s and Don’ts of Using ExamMonitor

ExamMonitor is a remote proctoring/invigilation solution for exam security from any location, for small-scale, large-scale, and online courses, so it is important for exam-takers to understand how ExamMonitor works and how to prevent false flags regarding potential integrity breaches.

How ExamMonitor Works on Exam Day

  1. ExamID verifies the exam-taker’s identity at login and ExamMonitor begins recording video and audio at the start of the exam — without the need for WiFi.
  2. When the exam is completed, the video and audio files are automatically uploaded along with answer files and stored securely within ExamSoft.
  3. The advanced A.I. system (and a professional proctor if selected by the client) analyzes the exam-taker’s movement, eye gaze, background noise, and more for any anomalies that could indicate academic dishonesty.
  4. Exam administrators receive a detailed report of any anomalies with the ability to review the recordings in question.

What to Do During the Exam

Exam-takers should follow these ExamMonitor guidelines for a smooth and successful assessment experience:

  • Take the exam in a well-lit room with front-facing lighting so that your face can be clearly seen
  • Make sure your webcam lens is clear and free of dirt or debris
  • Remain seated for the entire exam
  • Keep your eyes on the screen
  • Stay quiet throughout the exam
  • Keep your laptop active (not in sleep mode or with lid closed) throughout the exam

What Not to Do During the Exam

To prevent being flagged for unusual behavior, exam-takers should avoid this list of “suspicious activities” the system may report:

  • No Speaking, Background Noise, or Other People in the Room
    Do not talk, read out-loud, or have any devices turned on in the background (e.g. TV, radio, music, etc.). No one else should be in the room with you during the exam.
  • No Unusual or Excessive Movement
    The system monitors your baseline movement patterns. Avoid any unnecessary or excessive movement and gestures.
  • No Leaving the View of the Camera
    Do not move from your seat or leave the view of the device’s camera. Do not attempt to block the view of the camera.
  • No Unauthorized Materials
    Unless allowed by your instructor, external resources are strictly prohibited during an exam. Looking away from the screen to read a textbook or write notes will be flagged as an anomaly.
  • No Using External Devices
    Turn off all external devices before an exam. No mobile phones, tablets, or other electronics of any kind are permitted.
  • No Wearing Hats or Headphones
    Do not use earphones/headphones and make sure your ears are always uncovered.

Download the exam-taker guide for quick tips on exam day:

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using ExamMonitor